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Valuable information for Ice

By Stormblade - Posted on 07 April 2009

Blackwalt's picture

All of you.

Ice and I did it the proper way.

With a front end loader.

Stampedes, btw, you start with an 4 wheel ATV. Not that I would know anything about that.

Ice's picture

If they are dehydrated. That makes them a little light headed I think, easier to tip.

It does take a couple of days to dehydrate them too BTW. (we never really proved that, that was more a theory then anything else)

MauriceRevek's picture

But just by looking at the picture, common sense would dictate that it would be easier to pull the cow towards you to tip it, then it would be to push it. Less resistance as the two paws that are on the oposite side provide some stability against a sidward push from the oposite side.

All you need to do is tie some kind of cord which would permit you to pull from the top and the cow should tip over nice and easilly.

That or grab a handfull of skin and yank. Try not to get bit though.

Guba's picture

Don't need the fancy math to prove my point.

I wouldn't want to be pulling a 700 kg object towards me in attempt cause it to tip - assuming that you wouldn't have the speed to get out from under when the tipping actually does take place.

Stormblade's picture

And someone bring a video camera ...

MauriceRevek's picture

Why I put in my description to use a cord. You make the chord length sufficient that the length of cow plus whatever buffer you want is the distance from which you will be from the cow when you start pulling.

A Troll's picture

If you try to do it from the front, even with a rope, it will run at you and trample your butt AKA the Running of the Bulls style sans the big horns.

Coxxorz's picture

Troll! I believe there's hope to make you bilingual yet.

A Troll's picture

I can speak English (the real version, not some old tired out version), Spanglish, Geek, and some German.

You could say I even speak Canadian after having played with guys guys online for a year and a half.

Oh, and a little bit of Aussie. That is the hardest of them all. You know it is suppose to be some derivative of English, but I still can;t understand them most of the time. But we have fun!

MauriceRevek's picture

Learning Newfie.

Va m'cree la choo.

A Troll's picture

but at the present time the state of California has not asked me to leave. I think I am one of the last real tax payers they have.

Coxxorz's picture

I hear there are more unemployed in California than in all of Canada! You may have to move here just to improve your odds.

A Troll's picture

Maybe I should start printing out jobs listing for Canada and dropping them off at the local unemployment office.

Of course, you do realize that California's population is pretty close to Canada's don't you?

Stormblade's picture

Which is precisely why I would never live there.

A Troll's picture

and having an average temp of 75 degrees F.

It is just terrible seeing all the women running around in the summer at the beach. Well, sometimes it really is terrible when they look as if they should be at the rodeo.

Ice's picture

..why BlackWalt and I couldn't tip cows during our university days.

Coxxorz's picture

And the fact that it's a myth.

Besides, the centre of mass would be somewhere wellabove the udder, meaning your leverage length is greatly reduced. So even if you had another 0.07 people with you, it still wouldn't work.

Q-Bert's picture

If an object has uniform density then its center of mass is the same as the centroid of its shape.

To wit:

In the case of the cow, that would put the CM in the middle of the cow as seen from the ass, except that the weight of the legs bring that down somewhat. One would have to calculate the percentage of mass in the legs and bring down the CM towards the ground by the same percentage.



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