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Heroes, a new season

By Q-Bert - Posted on 26 September 2007

I know that HoC is about gaming, but what the hell...

So, I viewed the season opener of Heroes on Monday, and I must say that I am looking forward to the rest of the season. As everyone remembers, the ending of the last season kinda sucked hairy balls.... But if they pull their heads out of their asses, they can use this season to explain and refurb a lot of the goofs they did in that episode.

The rest of this post has spoilers....

So, I am PISSED that Sylar is still alive. I found that totally inexcusable on the season ending. You cannot introduce a new villain (the boogeyman) and then have the season 1 villain survive. It really felt like a last-minute decision by the writers. I thought that I would be really annoyed that Peter comes back too in this season, for the same reasons; but the way he pops back both in the mirror and in the container during the season's opener..... well, that threw me for a loop.

I like the twins. The idea of a complimentary power set is novel. I like what they are doing with Molly. She is stressed to the breaking point by her need to protect those around her. It is much more believable to see in a child character than to see in a adult character. I like the total mystery that is Nathan now. I predict that Peter is inside Nathan, via Jessica's power. This would require research on my part because I don't think Peter was anywhere close to Jessica before he exploded.

I like the fact that the "original 12" are being killed one by one. Perhaps the company is involved, I don't know yet. I do not like the Transmutation character. The whole "company" arch seems to me like they had to give the Cheerleader and Suresh something to do.

I know a LOT of people hated the Niki/Jessica arch; they felt it could have been dropped entirely. Personally, I think that Micah is one of the most important characters, and I really hope they will develop him this season. I would really like to see him in the distant future to see how he has applied his powers.

I hope they don't do too many throwaway character's like last season's Simone, Eden and Hana. Oh, and don't get me started on Candice... If her past is not explained in this season, then the producer is an idiot for not making her grossly overweight when she was knocked out last season. I didn't even read the comics yet, and I am told that she is overweight in her history in those.

I hope Sandra Bennet and her damn dog get killed this season. There is a bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge downstairs just for that event...

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