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What's the big deal?

By Stormblade - Posted on 27 September 2007

Halo 3 on white

I must be missing something.

I arrived home yesterday, after picking up my new car (yay!) to find Halo 3 waiting for me. I proceeded to tell everyone else to go away and leave me alone as I sat down to play the much anticipated game.

And I was severely disappointed.

Maybe I just don't get it. But this is a mediocre game at best. Firstly, in traditional Microsoft style, it assumes you know what you're getting into and you know the storyline, which I don't. I played Halo years ago on the Xbox, but I never played Halo 2, so I was completely lost. It throws you into the action, without explaining anything or giving you the basics. The controls are awkward and limited. You can't grab onto anything. You can crouch, but only by pushing the left stick down and then trying to move, which doesn't work. You can't go prone, or at least I couldn't figure it out. You have armour, but it is useless and anything can kill you instantly. The weapons have limited ammunition, which would be fine if it didn't take 40 bullets to kill anything but the weakest enemy. the sidekick they provide you with is bordering on useless. His only saving graces are that he doesn't die and he draws some fire. Other than that, he just gets in the way.

I played for an hour and shut it off, disgusted. I was expecting so much from this game. Maybe it was all the hype. I would rather play Vegas, which is a much better game.

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It is difficult to say that one likes, but does not love, a Halo game. Halo fans are so worshipful of the series that anything short of drooling admiration is seen as something akin to blasphemy. One is expected to love Halo games the way one is expected to love Harry Potter, “American Idol,” Tom Hanks, the Beatles and chocolate (some of which I love, some of which I don’t).

Read it all on the New York Times.

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...I had a discussion about this with a local columnist.

Apparently someone is a Blog wrote a really disparaging review of Halo 3.

The columnist's only comment about this?

How do you get more traffic to your blog (column, website) right now? Write a bad review of Halo 3, as you are almost alone everyone will flock to the dissenting opinion.

True, no?

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Stormblade's commentary about Halo above is not positive, yet our stats look just about the same:

90% of hits are from Blackwalt clicking REFRESH while he's at work.
5% of the hits are from people who try to reach to see pictures of litter boxes.
5% of the hits are form Coxxorz trying to figure out what other damn Drupal module he will ask me to install next.

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I could UNvite him...

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