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Zombie Mode hates us...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 May 2009

It was too good to last

This picture doesn't show our dead bodies or any Revive flagsThis picture doesn't show our dead bodies or any Revive flagsSo amazingly enough we had a good round of Call of Duty World at War Zombie mode last night.

There were four of us would be Zombie killers:

  • Stormblade
  • Graybush
  • Blackwalt
  • Coxxorz (no really)

Putting it mildly, we rocked. Yes, rocked. We had Ray Guns (three by the end), light machine guns, and a flamethrower. We knew where the Tickle Trunk was and had made several coordinated and successful runs to it. We had purchased almost all of the drinks. Blackwalt had all four: Quick Revive, Juggernaut, Quick Reload, Double Tap. And Juggernaut saved my life at least once. We had relocated from one end of the map to the other. Almost unheard of, for us.

We had even developed new strategies. Randomly! Our relocation had moved us to an area with only two entrances. A window requiring one person and a hallway which had the other three. We had discovered an overlook point where the flamethrower could hit the incoming Zombies. Sure we had flaming Zombies but they were all weakened by the flames making them easier kills for the two players covering the hallway. This was a new use of the flamethrower for us and made it useful in later levels. Something we had previously thought impossible.

We had reached level 18 and were sitting pretty for more. Or so we thought.

Level 19. Blackwalt had to move from the flaming post to the hallway as he was the only Ray Gun left with lots of ammo. So far so good. We were all hoping for a Max Ammo but they weren't appearing often.

Blackwalt had to reload. No problem. We had already survived this. Back down the hallway as I reload. Zombies incoming. Frack, fast Zombies incoming. Reload finished – excellent. Click, click, click. Wait... nothing's happening. Wait... the Zombies stopped moving. Wait... what? NOOOOO!!!!!

Disconnected from server.

The other three didn't last long. I was still in the Xbox Live party and it sounded ugly... and brief... and fairly painful.

Level 19 was still a High Level for us but it felt cheapened. Robbed of a greater achievement by a simple Xbox 360 glitch. Even the Xbox 360 (mine anyway) doesn't want us to succeed at Zombie mode.

Stormblade's picture

I was playing on Blackwalt's 360 Core with my HD, on his network, and I was fine.

I think it's still taking it out on him for the Fickle Trunk story.


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Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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