You are hereThey got night vision goggles in my Modern Warfare 2!

They got night vision goggles in my Modern Warfare 2!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 14 July 2009

Because our LAN parties aren't strange enough

I mean physical real ones that you can wear. Not the usual virtual ones for your game character.

In a somewhat odd but strangely appropriate throw in, the Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 includes a working set of Night Vision Goggles.

Yes, really. I did type that. "a working set of Night Vision Goggles." Seriously. It also comes with a moulded plastic head to hold the goggles. I won't need this as I will never be taking mine off.

And yes, I am buying it just so I can sneak into the next LAN party through the backyard in the dark. Even if it's at my house, I am still sneaking in through the backyard in the dark. Just because I can.

Only price listed is stupid crazy expensive.

More details and a video of the box opening available at Joystiq.

Swag's picture

Should have posted this last night.

Will this be the deciding factor for me getting this game (not that I will get the night vision version, but it is cool)? Since the poll has CoDMW2 tied with Bioshock 2, and since Bioshock 2 has been DELAYED till 2010, it is looking likely.

And should I get Battlefield 1943? Maybe I can finally play online....if you guys actually play it for more than a couple weeks.

Also I still think that L4D2 is a huge cash grab, so probably won't be getting that one. It's annoying that people think that L4D2 was made by Valve, which technically is not the case.

Coxxorz's picture

The CoD series is a given for me (as I'm sure it is for many others here), simply because of the solid online multiplayer action. Does Bioshock have any MP, co-op or otherwise?

MauriceRevek's picture

But it is one of those Assassin's Creed type games (just ask Stormblade how much he enjoyed that one). Great single player experience with a fun story and very involving game play. I still look around dark corners with trepidation for any stray splicers.

And in BS2, you get to play as a Big-Daddy. Who needs a puny chain saw when you got a GFDB (Giant Frikin' Drill Bit) at the end of your arm to put holes in your enemy?

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It does.

Digital Extremes (Dark Sector) from London, Ontario is handling that aspect of the game. Still feels like a tagged on feature, but they seem to be taking it seriously.

Graybush's picture

telling my wife that the NV goggles will be for the boys but there's no FREAKIN' way there gonna put their grubby mits on them.


fungster88's picture

Real NVG - Gen1 cost around $400 USD, latest Gen3 cost around $8,000 USD ( The key for this CoD NVG is the definition of the word "Working".

There is a toy NVG for $80 and it "works" according to a review.

One advice: Remember to turn off the motion-detection porch light (if there is one), otherwise "Arrrrrh, I can't see anything" and everyone know you are there because you bump into everything.

Stormblade's picture

We will not be recommending it to Q-Bert.

Blackwalt's picture

... get Q-Bert to stop using his flashlight with his Night Vision Goggles!

fungster88's picture

For $457USD,

The issue become "This flashlight doesn't work, it won't turn on"

Stormblade's picture

And then ask me if I bought the special addition of CoD:WaW with the fake canteen.

Since you can probably assume the answer to the question directly above is yes, it should be clear what the answer to the first question would be.

And I'll be sneaking in behind Blackwalt armed with a water pistol ...

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