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Eve Online: Making ISK while you sleep

By Q-Bert - Posted on 16 July 2009

So, it's been 3 weeks, and I'm still sane and still married.

Join me.

I have to be honest, and say that I have logged very few hours on the game so far. Mostly to take care of buying and selling items, and populating my learning skills queue. The cool part is that I am making money while I am offline since my main interest right now is Region-wide Trading. I can buy and sell while logged off of the game. I just put in my orders and it happens.

So far, I have had only 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there to play the game, so I cannot do many sustained agent-missions. Since agents only give you 5 days to accept a mission when they propose one to you, I tend to have many agents pissed at me for leaving them hanging... Oh well, they are NPCs, they'll survive.

I have applied to join the Eve University corporation. That's the corporation that is populated by players willing to help noobs. That way I will get some human assistance. It's fine to do the in-game tutorials, and read some player-forums, but it is quite another to get an actual live mentor.

Regarding the Trading aspect of the game: each station has a Market where you can purchase and sell items. If you have any real-life market trading experience, you can make a killing at Trade-hubs inside this game; all while you are logged off. The trick is to select 3 or 4 items and be aware of the current selling price of these items. Then you put purchase orders for a much lower price. The trick is to make the profit when you buy :-) When people come back from missions, and they want to get rid of treasure they don't need, your purchase order is there to pick it up. This all happens while you are logged off.

At your next login, you check your inventory, and then put out sell orders and log off. I have made 6 or 7 million ISK so far this way.

Sounds like a whimpy way to play a game, but it fits my available time and my style.

When I do have time to login and play for 2 solid hours, I have a good bank account to purchase the ships and weapons I need to complete the agent-missions (or start from scratch when I get blown to bits).

So, anyone else joining ? :-)

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Thanks for the story logo.
If this becomes a regular feature of mine, I might link us to CrazyKinux.

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I fell asleep after I have applied to join the Eve University corporation.

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And then fell asleep?

Seems that it would have been quicker (and easier) to fall asleep while reading Q-Bert's post.

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That's about halfway into the story.

... and I used big words at the beginning too.


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It's because the game is named after a girl and your graphic vaguely resembles boobs?


Please stop talking.


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