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"I think the cat food is wet..."

By Q-Bert - Posted on 24 July 2009

Taz for Herd of Cats, on location.

My human screamed this morning when she went downstairs to make sure our food quantities were adequate for our daily routine. At that point, I was thinking that if it's a mouse, I'll task the Dumb Orange cellmate to take care of it...

He had just come from his nightly patrol, and we both headed to the basement to see the problem. It was much worse than a mouse; it was the liquid nightmare: WATER.

The male and female servants both ran around in this filth for some reason screaming "Photo Albums" or some such nonsense... We didn't care and I tasked my cellmate to keep me abreast of the situation, as soon as I finished my mid-morning nap.

Well, just a few hours later, the cellblock alarm rings and the male servant opens the front gates. A wave of humans pour in and head to the basement with big blue boxes. They leave the front gate open. That damn liquid nightmare was pouring from the Winged-Ones demesne. I let the Grey Sloth cellmate do the morning patrol, he is so lazy he doesn't run for cover when he gets hit with the nasty stuff.

A few minutes later, all hell broke loose in the basement and machines roar. I noted to myself to speak to the servants this evening, as this commotion completely wasted my late-morning nap.

Who ordered the indoor pool?Who ordered the indoor pool?After my mid-afternoon nap, the humans leave, and I went to the facilities, only to find wind machines everywhere. Nasty, noisy things. At that point, I decided that I could do my business later on the semi-comfortable surfaces in the upstairs cells. If the servants cannot even take care of the latrines, that is just more work for them.

I had to search the whole cellblock to find the moved mess hall. They have put it right next to the back gates, if you can believe it.

I will submit a formal complaint to the Council as soon as my late-afternoon nap is done.

Coxxorz's picture

I like how someone's clearly been walking around barefoot in it, despite the fact that there's still an extension cord plugged into the wall!

Half-pint's picture

I seem to remember my humans storing stuff at your humans house.

In fact half the stuff in that photo looks like it is my humans stuff.

I guess you are correct and your humans really aren't that trust worthy.

Q-Bert's picture

The insurance agent has taken note. Your humans' stuff did absorb some liquid.

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I've had this happen to my family many times throughout history, as high as knee deep. To this day, nothing of value touches the floor in my basement.

Dark Nightowl's picture

Unfortunately my sanctum is in the basement. If it flooded... I would indeed be in deep sh*t.

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