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My XFest Musings

By Stormblade - Posted on 01 October 2007

or How I ate TWO Halo Burgers and Lived!!

General Musings:

  • I knew in advance that I was not the world's best FPS player, but HardWOOD and his gang made me (and others) feel like pathetic newbies. It wouldn't have been so bad if I could have used Blackwalt's excuse of having a life away from the XBox, but I don't.
  • This of course was made worse by the fact that when 5 HOC members were taking them on, we still sucked eggs and had our asses smacked silly. It wasn't even enjoyable.
  • My quote of the night, about 45 minutes into the butt kicking. "I don't think I'm having fun yet"
  • Coxxorz put on one hell of a party! Theme decoration, oodles of snacks and drinks, prizes, and of course Halo burgers. He even managed to accommodate the stupid diabetic (aka, moi) who neglected to inform him of his affliction, by locating a case of Diet Coke in the basement. Well done!
  • Speaking of Halo burgers. I can say they were simply the best hamburgers I have ever eaten. I say hamburgers plural because I ate two of them. I would not have done this except for a) since I really couldn't eat much of the snacks, I considered this to even it out and b) Coxxorz dared me. About halfway through the second one, I thought I would explode, but I pushed through. Having already proven I was a pansy at Halo 3, I wanted to regain some pride. Those of you who know how much I can eat may scoff, yet I really almost couldn't get that second one down. They were that big!
  • I was the only player completely unable to win a prize all night, which earned me the prize of a Thermos lunchbox. I am still not sure of the actual message there.
  • RocketBall (complete with skull) may be the most fun I have ever had in adversarial gaming. It was a whooping good time. Would have been made better by the consumption of alcohol, but with my 2-day-old car and a long trip home, it wasn't possible. We need to do that one again where we can crash on the floor afterwards!
  • Coxxorz's picture

    Stormblade is the only one to have ever eaten two Halo Burgers™ and lived to tell about it. We should contact the Guinness people. Some poor bloke once ate two regular VicBurgers®, and was hospitalized for three weeks.

    Noir's picture

    What the hell is a Halo burger? Is a Halo 3 burger three times the size?

    Coxxorz's picture

    All your questions would have been answered if you had been there.

    Although the gallery should give you some idea.

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