You are hereTygerTeam is giving Revek the pink slip

TygerTeam is giving Revek the pink slip

By Pebbles - Posted on 29 July 2009

As the CFO of TygerTeam, it is my duty to lay off Revek at the end of July.

Somebody suggested that I auction the privilege to lay off Revek to the highest bidder. So if you want to be on the board of director of Tyger Team and have the privilege to lay him off, the bids are starting at... oh, let's say, 20$.

Also ready to be sold is all the equipment that was purchased over the years by Tyger Team for Revek's work. I did not do an inventory but you can assume there are a few computers, screens and many many keyboards. Since it is not worth my while to count all the items they will be sold as a bundle.

Swag's picture

Technically that is.

MauriceRevek's picture

A moment too soon if you ask me.

Talk about a PHB. Q-Bert would not know his own @$$ from a hole in the ground.

I dug a hole in the back of his property the other day, he walked up to me and asked: How am I supposed to sit down if my @$$ is here?

[enters catatonic / hypnotic trans]
Pebles on the other hand was the model boss. I cannot critisize or say anything negative.

Hey, I just thought of something! Where is my 4%!!
I want my vacation pay!!

On strike! On strike!

Hell no! I won't code!

Wait a minute.... I don't work there anymore.... Maybe I should go cut his internet!

Pebbles's picture

I can easily give you 4% of your July check coming up if you insist...

Blackwalt's picture

This is original content!

Akuf's picture

Loads of original content just not PG-13.

Blackwalt's picture

It is almost impossible to find the kind of adult content you would provide anywhere else on the internet.

Akuf's picture

How many have you seen that features yours truly. If you look hard enough you will find it....

MauriceRevek's picture

But I am not into (girbilling?) watching.

Coxxorz's picture

Just wondering if I'll actually get anything useful for my $20.

Pebbles's picture

But he does have a 26 inch monitor.

Coxxorz's picture

I guess he wasn't worthy of anything bigger.

Coxxorz's picture

Do I get to go into his house and remove it myself?

MauriceRevek's picture

Get through the:

  • Shot gun trap
  • Aligator pit
  • Rick Astley tunel of doom
  • Locked in a room listening to Stormblade extolling his prowess at.... ok I am at a loss here. What is Stormblade good at?
Coxxorz's picture

I could deal with everything else, but the fact that you have Stormblade locked in your basement makes me... uneasy.

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