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Top Ten things I like about Battlefield 1943

By Coxxorz - Posted on 20 August 2009

After a couple of nights of messing around with this game, I figured I'd share my thoughts with those of you still sitting on the fence. It's my first "complete game" download from the Xbox Live Marketplace, so I'm going to keep it positive, and not take cheap shots at the issues that plague all Marketplace offerings, like the lack of a box or instruction manual. Oops! There I go already. Can't trade it in! All right, here's the list before I totally lose it:

10. Helps me meet new people by only bringing some of my private lobby into my squad

9. Keeps my A button shape by making sure I know I have a hard drive three times per session

8. Helps my math skills by making me manually calculate how badly we lost by adding individual kills

7. Makes me try harder by not balancing my team's 3 players against the other team's 8

6. Makes me invent new ways of communicating to non-squad teammates that they're about to get stabbed

5. Reassures me that if I get shot by a tank in real life, I'll probably survive several shots

4. Keeps my Xbox CPU from getting bored by auto-kicking me from the tutorial after 45 seconds

3. Gets me to try new modes of transportation when one guy takes off alone in a 3-person vehicle

2. Prevents me from loading the bonus map accidently by making me go to the main menu to access it

1. Keeps me from playing too long by locking up my Xbox periodically (and not returning me to the Dashboard, where I'd be tempted to try other games)

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There appears to be no new content for Battlefield 1943.

It would be nice to have a new map or two (ideally for free).

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"#11: Helps me get really good at 4 maps, because... that's all there is."

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...guess i should trade it in...

it does have a few awesome networking "features" though...

like providing an "alternate ending" via the instant replay to show you what it would have been like if you hadn't shot first.... oh wait.... (it's like Han and Greedo, only Han gets to live through both scenarios... we get to re-spawn....)

Similar to your tank "feature" rocket launchers have the ability to retain the gift of life as well...


as far as xbla goes, shadow complex is pretty fun ...

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