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MoriceRevek's distorted Xbox 360 reality

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 October 2007

The events portrayed in this story are REAL. They happened and are true and factual. These events occurred at MoriceRevek's 40th birthday celebration Saturday September 29th.

Xbox 360 warning that MoriceRevek considers important:

Xbox 360 warning that MoriceRevek does not consider important:

Oh, and he also ignored this one that he would have had to remove before using his Xbox 360:

With the inevitable and sadly obvious conclusion:


Yes, this is a Halo 3 DVD with its own "Halo" scratched into its surface.

The Xbox 360 in question was inside a cabinet and warm. When MoriceRevek noticed how warm it was he decided to move it outside of the cabinet so it could cool down. Without, of course, turning it off first. Both MoriceRevek and one witness heard the scratching as it occurred.

Two fortunate items. First, the DVD could still play multiplayer. Second, it wasn't his copy of Halo 3. In fact, it was a borrowed copy from a friend who was not in attendance so MoriceRevek did not die immediately. Darn. Maybe later.

Swag's picture

Xbox 360s should just come with a label that simply says that they are poorly designed pieces of garbage.

Coxxorz's picture

Why don't we seal up your PS3 in a cabinet for an hour, then tilt it with the disc spinning and see what happens?

MauriceRevek's picture

Maybe is Loser-Bert had not put said x-box in the cabinet in the first place, I would not have had to move it from there.

I am now on my way to the store to go buy a replacement copy of the game, as I tried to play the single player mission, and got a 'cannot load' error.

Geez. Cannot load. You would think that the X-Box is expecting to be able to read a CD with a few scratches on it. I mean look at that CD, you can barely see them.

Coxxorz's picture

Yeah, from across town, maybe.

My 360 lives very happily in a cabinet, you just have to make sure there's some air flow. These things run warm even when submerged in a cooler full of ice, so don't get too hung up on temperature.

MauriceRevek's picture

The only air flow in that cabinet was from a 2" diameter hole that was stuffed with cables, adn the crack from the 2 glass doors on the front. The X-Box was not warm, it was hot enough to slowly cook an egg.

Q-Bert's picture

I hear tiny violins.... in the distance...

MauriceRevek's picture

Yes, they are playing the funeral march.

Q-Bert. Dont move.

Noir's picture

But you have a Nintendo Wii system that is also in that cabinet. Yet it has never had problems or overheated.

I would have to agree that this is simply a case of poor design from Microsoft, yet again.

PS. Elder Scrolls Oblivion plays like garbage on the 360, and doesn't look to awesome either. I don't know why they bothered making the game for a console that can barely handle it.

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