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Message from Gearbox: Borderlands gone GOLD!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 09 October 2009

Hey Borderlands Fans!

We are proud to announce that Borderlands has gone gold! The game ships on Oct. 20th for consoles and the 26th for PC in North America, and on the 23rd/30th internationally! We can't wait to get Borderlands in your hands!

We've seen more and more previews coming out as we get close to launch, and very soon we'll start seeing official reviews. For a fix of Borderlands, make sure you check out these previews:

IGN: Meet the Killers - learn more about the classes and see them in action!

Gamespot - Updated hands-on with some information about the later game!
Destructoid's "How F-ing Metal is Borderlands" - not news, but a fun read!
1up's Countdown - count down and read news about the game!

Pre-ordering your copy of Borderlands today ensures that you'll have a copy of the game waiting for you on release! You can pre-order at many retailers, and we've rounded up a collection of some links on the official Borderlands pre-order page (choose Buy Now from the drop-down main menu)! Some retailers are offering bonus deals, so make sure to check with your retailer of choice!

Keep on top of all the recent news, videos, and articles by heading to the New Haven Times section of our community! Check it out and get all the latest, plus interact with our developers and participate in contests! You can also check out our community site, Gearboxity for news stories and updates!

Borderlands has a great community online! Make sure to check out our community for news and discussion with other fans and the Gearbox developers! You can also follow us on Twitter or become a fan on facebook for micro-updates throughout the week and to chat with us!

We'll keep you updated with the latest in Borderlands - see you soon!

Allison "ennui" Berryman
Community Manager

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Good to know that someone cares

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