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Borderlands Review Links

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 October 2009

To maintain some kind of flood control I will just add Borderlands reviews to this story as they are spotted

TeamXbox – 9/10 – I mean, “who cares?,” as in I can overlook the flaws and glitches, because I’m having so much fun playing the game.

GamesRadar – 8/10 – does offer a crap-ton of 'roided-out bandits, effed-up dog things, giant spider demons, and screeching pterodactyl beasts to shoot with a crap-ton of guns.

GamePro – 4.5/5 – ...a bandit's arm is ripped from his shoulder by my pet bird; my explode-on-impact grenade turns a frightening trio of "midget psychos" into spaghetti sauce; and my acid rounds disintegrate a steroid-pumping, shotgun-wielding thug.

G4TV – 4/5 – The Loot! The Loot! The Loot Is On Fire!

1UP – B+ – It's that Borderlands is a game where the single-player ranges from good to downright boring or frustrating; but when you add multiple players to a session, it becomes a delightful fusion of cooperative mechanics...

MTV Multiplayer – N/A – The folks at Gearbox did just that, making one of the strongest games to release this year.

Planet Xbox 360 – 8.6/10 – but those who are left, struggle to survive in a world that has devolved into anarchy. .

Kotaku – N/A – Guns! Guns! Guns!.

Playstation University – N/A – ...anybody who has stepped into Pandora will tell you that the good aren’t getting much rest either..

Just Push Start – 4/5 – Borderlands is a game that recycles a lot of things from other titles such as Fallout 3, Call of Duty and Halo..

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I would not waste the money if it was below 50%. Really.

I have enough bad games.

Although my threshold is looser at the $40 mark.

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Wait, that didn't sound right...

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but you never really know.

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