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Half-pint: day one

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 October 2009

With only a little Half-pint time left I thought we should look back and share our memories...

The first day with Half-pint was a sign of things to come. Guba and I had wandered through the Humane Society three times before we had settled on one kitten each. Guba had settled on Half-pint early, picking him out of a litter of five. It was his unique facial marking that did the trick. It took me three trips before I even saw Shadow hiding in the back corner of her cage.

Shadow settled down in my hands and waited patiently. Half-pint... did not. After 20 minutes of Half-pint climbing all over Guba she finally suggested that perhaps we should switch kittens. It was my turn to try to contain him. Half-pint never did settle down.

The Humane Society ID microchips each cat/kitten that they sell. Shadow went into the back and came right out 30 seconds later.

Half-pint took over 5 minutes. There was a scream (human) and a yelp (feline) during this time. When questioned the Humane Society technicians said everything had gone fine. We packed our two new kittens and headed home.

Sometime later we discovered that Half-Pint's chip was located halfway down his left arm. Tracking chips are supposed to be injected directly between the shoulder blades behind the neck. This is also the location that is scanned when looking for the chip info.

This should have tipped us off to the many, numerous, multiple trips to the veterinarian trips of the future.

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The identity chip, that is. Seeing as how every vet in Ottawa can identify Half-pint on sight.

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