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The HoC Lan party that time forgot – October 23rd

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 October 2009

So Borderlands? Anyone got their copy yet? We didn't and we planned a Lan Party around it.

You didn't know about it because it was a secret Lan party. Don't worry, it pretty much went bad from the get go...

When Left 4 Dead came out (bear with me) Coxxorz and I planned a four person co-op day to get together and play through the co-op campaign. Coxxorz and I do these co-op days every so often link and link). But feeling guilt, we opened our Left 4 Dead up for the entire clan. This foray into Left 4 Dead with the clan wasn't the best co-op day experience we ever had. A fun Lan Party but not a fun co-op day.

When Borderlands came out we discussed a full clan Lan party but decided that we wanted a 4 player co-op day. So we planned a secret Lan party with a cabel of four clan members: Coxxorz, Graybush, Blackwalt and Stormblade. Honest, it made sense at the time.

Here is our original email invite:


On 10/8/09 4:31 PM, Blackwalt wrote:
Subject: Crossing the Border(lands) – Oct 23rd


  • Turns out that Borderlands release on Oct 20th.
  • Turns out that it has four player co-op.
  • Turns out that Coxxorz has room for four players in his living room.

Today while discussing Borderlands we decided it would be worth taking a day off to play it. Unfortunately Coxxorz and I are only two people so we need two more. Someone came up with Stormblade as the third as it is his type of game.

After dredging through the barrel Graybush’s name came up for fourth.

So... (again). Are you guys in for this? Keeping in mind that this is all preliminary and we haven’t found any deals other than the $69.99 price. Taking the day off, meeting at Coxxorz's at noon(ish) and playing til 12:00-1:00. It is a full 4 player coop campaign (drop in drop out).

Graybush, we aren’t sure if this is your style of game its more Diablo-ish than COD4-ish. If you don’t like this style its fine, we aren’t going to make you buy it/play it against your will. Stormblade yes but not you. While there are four player classes, you can mix and match so you are not required to play as Lilith (not that there is anything wrong with that cough * Moricerevek * cough).

If you don’t want to we will dig up another fourth. We are trying to keep this as just four and not a full HoC Lan party. Let us (Coxxorz and I know).

More info here:

Generational gap:
My dad: “We need a fourth for bridge.”
Me: “We need a fourth for Borderlands.”


This is where things went bad. In a typical Herd of Cats' way.

Various things that went wrong:

  • No copies of Borderlands anywhere. One copy between the four of us.
  • Stormblade's plans changed to include Dr's appt in afternoon (not for him but still...)
  • Graybush's plans changed to included parenting kids for 2 hrs in the evening (Graybush's wife: "I'm going out for an hour friday evening so you need to be home to watch the kids... you said you were gaming friday *afternoon!* you didn't say anything about friday *night!*")
  • No copies of Borderlands anywhere.
  • Fungster buys copy of Borderlands for himself, leaves 10 copies on the shelf
  • Graybush's frees up evening! Woohoo!
  • Graybush's kid falls ill, out for afternoon will be there after school hours. Boohoo!
  • Blackwalt swaps cars. CRV takes up permanent residence on the road.
  • Blackwalt calls Coxxorz for ride, no problem "I'll get a lift home with Stormblade"
  • Stormblade cancels outright, girlfriend sick, sends email to Blackwalt's home email. Blackwalt not at home btw. No one knows that Stormblade has cancelled and we hold off ordering pizza until he arrives.
  • No copies of Borderlands at HMV, Staples, Radio Shack, Jumbo Video.
  • Blackwalt's Mechanic picks up CRV from road, replaces starter and battery and returns it to Blackwalt's driveway! Awesome Mechanic dude!
  • Graybush is delayed, two staff members inches away from fist fight. In front of the customers...
  • Graybush almost has to work but finds last minute substitute.
  • No copies of Borderlands at Loblaws, Walmart, Rogers Video.
  • Graybush's wife squeals to Hardw00d about secret event, "So are you going to the Lan Party too?" Hardw00d unimpressed.
  • Coxxorz's only gets a minimal deal on Dirt 2 (he sucks) the selected backup game. We rent copy for Graybush, force Stormblade to pay for his. Particularly after he no-shows.
  • At end of Lan discover that Graybush's car has a small leak. Blackwalt almost drowns on ride home. "How long can you tread water?"
  • Mechanic gets paid first thing Monday morning

It really wasn't the Lan party/Co-op day we had envisioned. Not in any way imaginable. We pretty much ended up laughing at the next thing to go wrong. The pizza was good and we did end up enjoying Dirt 2. However, as Dirt 2 supports 8 players we would have invited more people if we had known in advance that Borderlands would be a bust.

Available soon on eBayAvailable soon on eBayBorderlands Lan Swag!

We did hand out a Lan specific swag. The sample shown here was unclaimed and will shortly be listed on eBay. I need the $2 to help pay for the CRV.

One last totally random quote:

"No offense but next time we do one of these four player co-op days I am only inviting you and I."

Ice's picture

Why most of the posts on here seemed to involve shopping for the game, and not playing the game itself.

I was begining to think no one was actually going to play it.

Stormblade's picture

I replied to the email you sent me! Having been single for so long, I had to wrestle with my priorities. My long-term happiness sensors kicked in at the right moment. You guys just don't rank.

Akuf's picture

Having been single for so long, I had to wrestle with my priorities. My long-term happiness sensors kicked in at the right moment. You guys just don't rank.

* shakes head *

Stormblade's picture

She's worth it.

Blackwalt's picture

The email I sent to you went to both your home and your work email addresses. The least I could expect was for you to do the same. Particularly since you also carry a work blackberry and don't collect your home email from your blackberry either.

I tried to make it moron proof but I forgot who I was working with.

Stormblade's picture

You should have known better.

Akuf's picture

I was thinking about hosting my very first LAN party.
For MW2 and Borderlands.

I am still considering it.

Swag's picture

If such a thing exists.

Akuf's picture

Most babes are not into LAN parties.

They would much rather play games like twister etc.

Which judging by most of the members of HOC this may not be advisable.

Besides I have my reputation to uphold.

Coxxorz's picture

But you may have to go down a few notches on your toothpaste scale to find them.


Please stop talking.


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