You are hereI'm starting to look forward to Army of Two: 40th Day.

I'm starting to look forward to Army of Two: 40th Day.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 10 December 2009

After all, I did enjoy the first Army of Two

Army of Two: 40th Day is due January 2010. And, kind of strangely, I am looking forward to it's cooperative experience.

The latest video released is a "handy-cam" shot view of Shanghai being destroyed. It's available after the jump.

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and it's nice to see EA Montreal releasing something.

In other news, I don't get that expression "after the jump". What do you mean "after the jump"? What jump? The video is right after that sentence (like it usually is when articles use this). Although sometimes it is after an ad, which is what I originally thought that it was meant for (since you "jump" past the ad to see the video).

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The "jump" refers to the break in the story when it's posted in abbreviated form on the front page of a website. There will be a teaser, followed by a "Read more" type link. Although most of the time you end up at an article via hotlink to the full story, rendering the "jump" reference moot.

I've often wished the front page snippets were a separate entity from the actual story, partly for this reason. But maybe it's better this way.

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But when I went click on the play button, a popup window with a thousand social network icons blocked it.

What's up with that?

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