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Allons-y, Zombie Killers!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 January 2010

I told you that Level 28 was doable...

Revisiting the Catwalk of Hope and LoveRevisiting the Catwalk of Hope and Love

Not that we made it to Level 28

However Level 27? We did make it to Level 27.

And boy, did we ever have to be creative! Only one of us had Monkey Bombs initially and Graybush really didn't have a legitimate weapon until Level 20. We used the Teleporter because we had to. Which was a first for us. Stormblade was the Medic King as he was reviving everyone constantly. By everyone, I mean me. Graybush he just let die...

And those weapons that Graybush got? Gone. I only lost all my perks. And Stormblade? It was kind of hard to blame him for taking so long to revive us. It wasn't the horde of oncoming zombies that was the problem, it was digging Graybush and I out from under the mass of zombies bodies. Some of them on fire. We killed a lot of Zombies in a very small area.

We spent several minutes mapping out the best route for Graybush to join us on our catwalk when he respawned. We included the best weapon available for purchase, a perk-a-cola, and boarded all the windows on route. We even stationed Stormblade at the half way point with a monkey bomb ready to go.

And then, out of spite, Call of Duty World at War spawned Graybush behind us! All those plans? Up in smoke. He grabbed the nearest weapon (an STG-44), ran up the catwalk and settled in to watch Stormblade run back through a mob of zombies. Very entertaining for us.

When the next level ended we didn't manage to keep a floor guy alive but Graybush decide to upgrade his weapon anyway. He ran from the catwalk to the teleporter, zapped to the main courtyard and upgraded his STG 44 to a Spatz-447 + and then ran all the back to the catwalk. Using the previously well planned route.

We have a additional new strategy. Upgrading and keeping the Trench gun (to the Gut Shot). Seems strange but this allows you to buy ammo for the shotgun in between levels. Sure upgraded ammo cost $4500 but its better than running dry. Next time we are going to try to upgrade the FG42 as well since it is also available for ammo purchase. note: if you buy weapons off of the walls you can always buy ammo, if you get your weapons through the Tickle Trunk you can only get more ammo through a Max Ammo power up. Even if the identical weapon is available off a wall.

We also had to adapt our strategy of keeping floor guys alive as we failed at this once and instead kept one single zombie alive. He turned out to be pretty spry for a dead guy and kept one of us (me mostly) running him around the level (while screaming like a little girl).

    Blackwalt: "I got him, I got him..." We all know what this really means.


    Stormblade: "Where is the zombie? GAAAAH!" He found him


    Graybush: "Okay, whatever you do keep him away from the main courtyard!"

    Blackwalt: "We're IN the main courtyard!" Didn't end pretty.

Twenty Freaking Seven

So we reached level 27 and to be honest, we didn't have an organized game. Lots of things went wrong and we never quite had it together. Particularly in the later levels. Yet we still made it to 27. This is what makes me think Level 28 is doable.

Here's very blurry, really out of focus, proof that we reached Level 27.

That's a 2! Followed by a 7!: It is too! Stop mocking me!That's a 2! Followed by a 7!: It is too! Stop mocking me!

Stormblade's picture

Graybush is only allowed to play if he has shitty guns. It was getting boring watching him headshot 50,000 zombies.


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Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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