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Note on Magazine oddities

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 October 2007

I have two magazines that I read regularly. I subscribe to both.

OXM: the Official Xbox Magazine and PCGamer.

Just a quick comment about the impact of Halo 3 on magazine production.

Usually PCGamer arrives in my mailbox first. Shortly after it appears at Chapters. Then within the next week the Official Xbox Magazine arrives.

Last month's issue with the Halo 3 review arrived 2-3 weeks after my PCGamer. Didn't arrive on newsstands either. Apparantly, they were not provided an early copy of Halo 3 and held up production to get the review into the present issue and not delay for another month.

This confused me as I could not understand any magazine ruining their yearly production schedule for any single game. Even Halo 3.

I was doubly surprised when the December issues of PC gamer and the Official Xbox Magazine arrived less then two weeks later on the same day.

Guess they didn't ruin their entire yearly schedule after all.

To confuse the issue even more, the December issue of Official Xbox Magazine has a review of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Two weeks before it comes out.

And they like it, they like it a lot. More on that later.

MauriceRevek's picture

I went and bought the latest White Dwarf Friday for no reason, and I had not even seen the comment. And that magazine is basically one bitg add for the Games Workshop product.


Swag's picture

I used to have a subscription to Nintendo Power (well, technically my brother did) and near the end I found that I was really just looking at pictures and skimming the reviews. Usually, nothing in the articles was really important or worth reading, it was mearly speculation and even some fan boy propaganda.

Do you read the whole magazine? Even the stuff that you aren't terribly interested it? Is it possible to read two full pages without running into an add?

Getting a subscription to any video game magazine isn't something that I would do today (unless they would focus more on the development or technical side).

Blackwalt's picture

I read the two magazines that I subscribe to cover to cover. Pretty much, I usually skip wrestling game coverage.

However I understand the just looking at pictures and skimming the reviews as I usually do that with Games for Windows, EGM, and GameInformer if I read them the same month.

The ads don't bother me as I understand their purpose in the publishing industry and I would like to stay employed. You may want to ask Coxxorz his opinion on ads as he makes a living designing them. His viewpoint may be interesting (and biased).

Coxxorz's picture

You must read ALL ads you encounter.

In fact, you will buy magazines for the ads.

When I snap my fingers, you will awake with the urge to purchase periodicals and give me $10...

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