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Train Ride

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 16 March 2010

Today I had to take the car in for servicing. Drive over to the garage, speak to the owner about what needs to be done on the car. I mention to him that my power steering feels a bit stiff. When I turn the wheel, I hit a spot where it stiffens up, then releases. Then stiffens up, then releases again.

“Aaaahhh. That is your intermediary universal joint. When that starts to go, you have to change it, or it will lock up completely. I just changed one on a Toyota, let me show you what it looks like.”

Goes into the back, brings back the part and shows it to me. It’s one of those double jointed parts that is used when a rod must be able to turn at an angle. And yes, once that starts failing, it needs to be changed. Don’t want to be in a situation where the whole steering columns locks up.

“On a Toyota, that part is $350.”

Nice. Hopefully for my Nissan Altima, it will be a lot less than that.

Once everything is settled, I leave him the keys, he enters everything in the computer, I ask him for a lift to the local park & ride so I can grab a bus to downtown.

“Not a problem Mr. Revek, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“Do you know if the corner store next door sells bus tickets?”

“I believe they do sir.”

“Ok, I’ll be right back.”

I go next door, and buy a sheet of bus tickets. Eight tickets should be enough to get me through the day I think.

“Alright, I’m all set. Ready when you are.”

“Ok, Mr. Revek, just hop in the CRV, and off we go.”

A five minute drive later, we arrive at the bus station.

“Here we are Mr. Revek. Have yourself a very nice day!”

“You too Mr. Mechanic.”

Hey now, this terminal also has the O-Train. Maybe I’ll just ride that in and save some time. Walk over to the train platform, and wait for the train to arrive.

A short time later, the train pulls in. People pour into the doors, like lemmings walking towards the cliff. I find a seat, and settle in for the nice ride.


“Yes mam, I have my tickets right here.”

“I’m sorry sire, bus tickets are not valid on the train.”


“You need to have either bus pass, buss transfer or a train ticket.”

“duh duuh duh duh duh.... I did not know that.”

“Is this your first time on the train?”

“Yes it is. I dropped of my car at the garage, and decided to take the train in. So what do I do now?”

“You give me a piece of identification sir.”

Reach into my pocket, pull out my driver’s license.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you sir.”

[In the distance]


“Oh, sorry sire, we have to get off at the next station.”

“Really? Oh. Ok.”

Train pulls into the next station. All of the bylaw officers and offenders get off. Train pulls away. ?????

*scribble* *scribble* *scribble* *scribble*


“Here you go sir.”

“Ahhh. Thanks. What do I do now?”

“Well, you can take you bus tickets, go to a bus, trade them in for a bus transfer, and re-board the next rain.”

[Strained smile]

“Thank you.”

As I walk over to the bus stop, I look at the warning ticket I just received.


WHAT?!?!?!? One Hundred and Fifty DOLLARS?!?!?!?!?


Walk to the bus stop.



Bus come down the street.



Wait some more. Another bus comes down the street.




Calm..... Peace.... Serenity.....

Another bus comes along.....



Fortunately, there was an in-service bus that was just behind it. Doors open, I get in, put my ticket in the thingy and ask for a transfer. Door closes behind me, bus start to pull away.

“WAIT!! I just want a transfer so I can take the train. I don’t want to take the milk run to the local streets.”

“What? Oh right. Here you go.”

Head back to the train platform. See the bylaw enforcement officers.

“Everything all settled sir?”

“Yes, thank you.”

At this point I resisted saying I would have to work and extra half hour tonight to pay for the ticket.

Wait for the next train, board, take my seat and settle in for the ride. Again...

“Next stop... Carling.”

“Next stop... Bayview.”

Wait a minute.... Why is the train rolling backwards now?

“Next stop... Carling.”

ARGH!!! I was at the end and did not know it...

Get off the train.... Wait for the next train... FRAK!!! BOARD THE TRAIN..... SETTLE IN FOR THE RELAXING RIDE. $*$&#^&#*$*.

“Next stop... Bayview.”

De-board the train.

From this point , the journey goes without a problem. I board the bus which gets me to within a block of my destination.

While speaking with my colleagues about all of this, I realize that I only gave one ticket to the bus for my transfer. Each ticket is worth $1.25... Child’s far. I only gave one ticket.

“Yes! I got a discount on my bus transfer!”

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about how I was almost ticketed on the OC transpo bus system.

A couple of years ago I had to get a new photo ID for my bus pass. The thing is that I had already had the actual monthly pass, and needed only the photo ID. And as some of you may know, the numbers on the photo ID have to be entered into the bus pass card as well.

So basically I had to change the numbers on my bus pass to reflect the new ones on the photo ID. I thought to myself that I should just be able to change them on the bus pass itself, without having to get a new one, right?


A couple days after getting the new photo ID, one of the by-law officers pulls me out of the bus and tells me that I am not allowed to tamper with the numbers, because if I had found someone's bus pass I could just change the numbers (which to this day I still don't understand how that negatively affects OC Transpo, as the person who lost it would just go out and buy a new one, or tickets).

Anyway my point is that he told me that I would get one warning, and not be fined the first time (thank God). Even though he led me to believe that he was going to fine me, as he kept asking me "what do you think is going to happen?", as he was walky-talking his OC Transpo Gestapo friends.

Personally I would try to fight that fine, as you did technically purchase a ticket, so it's not like you went on there with nothing.

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You guys are all pansies.

I went through a similar thing. Where the kindergarten cop was checking buspasses etc. This day I just happen to put my buspass in the wrong pocket. As the kindergarten cop came towards me he saw that I was 'looking around'. He basically waited and the bus stopped and he told me to get off I told him hang on I do have my pass with me. He was going to grab my arm and I told him you do that I will break yours. Then he called in his partner and I started laughing at both of them. Then I finally found my pass and showed see look I have my pass! The guy called me a smart ass. And I said yes I was, but I can also take care of myself you sure you want to me to demonstrate? And he walked away.

About 2 weeks later I was at Gracies West with some of my bodybuilding and MMA buddies and who shows up your friendly neighbourhood kindergarten cop with about 4 guys I was sitting alone in my usual corner he sees me and I laugh at him. A little while later he comes back towards me with his get along gang. By this time most of my buddies were already sitting with me (there was about 10 of us there). He comes starts flapping his gums and I tell him dude you are really pushing your luck. His four buddies start massaging their fists and I start laughing. And I said the five of you one of me seems even, oh but wait. I called out one of my buddies and four of them stand up behind me while the rest saw what was going on and stood behind them.

I told them I don't need my friends to take care of you guys. And I would highly suggest you leave or at the very least go to another side of the bar. The next time you see me, because you obviously recognize me and you obviously feel you need to get your manhood confirmed. I will not be so friendly so I suggest you get out of my vicinity right now and never come close again is that clear? And I love tapped his left cheek.

And they walked away.

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Just wondering.

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Short answer probably not because some cops are crooked.
And If was to get 'black listed' I would never have a break.

On the other hand, if he was 'off duty' and being an ass. And I have sufficient witnesses and proof of that then I would absolutely do it. But then again that could still cause me to get black listed.

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I just love a happy ending...

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My brothers were taking a bus downtown and were a bit confused about where they were going. They got on the right number bus, but going the wrong direction, so just stayed on til it turned around and completed the route. That's when they were approached by the Transpo Cop who claimed their transfers were INVALID for that direction, and attempted to write them up a ticket. Luckily they were only 12 and 7 years old.

Great way to build future customers there, morons.

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Good job on the OC armband too.

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The awesomeness?

Actually, I just whipped it up before heading home from work. Wanted to beat Blackwalt to the punch.

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an added $148.75, then yes, discount.

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You could also chalk this up to a learning experience. For example, you learned that the Transpolice are a bunch of overbearing bureaucratic douches, not interested in customer service, only justifying their jobs.

You also learned not to give your ID to a stranger.


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