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Notes on Marvel Ultimate Alliance Multi-player on Live

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 October 2007

Eventually I will stop writing about Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Eventually. Until then, some observations about playing through Xbox Live.

  • Four player support is iffy with lag fairly often, two player and three player is mostly fine.
  • If a player quits mid game, it doesn't end the game for everyone (as happens in Halo 3 coop)
  • However, a new player can not join until you quit to the main menu and restart the server. Not a problem if you are near a save point.
  • Some areas of MUA are nowhere near a save point AND block your ability to cast portals so you have to finish out the level. This cost MoriceRevek and I a 30 minute delay on quitting out one night.
  • If you are playing with MoriceRevek on multi player and everyone on your team dies he will continue on his own to finish the boss battle (the Grey Gargoyle I believe). I don't know what Stormblade did with his time but I finished two chapters of my book... Cleaned the basement... Swept the driveway... Grey Gargoyle still alive? Hmmm... those eaves trough look like they could use a cleaning...
  • If one person buys the Downloadable Content not only can anyone joining his server play with the new content, but any one in any game he joins. When he joined my server the eight new characters were available for the other three players to test out. Hulk good, Hawkeye weird, Magneto appropriate to MoriceRevek's playing style.

If you haven't bought it yet, do so. Although the limited time $9.89 price has probably expired by now I would recommend going as high as $20 or maybe even $25.

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When buying (upgrading) abilities with the coins you collect throughout the game, pressing "remove" does not, in fact, credit you back the coins to reallocate elsewhere. They're gone. And so is the upgrade you "purchased".

Who wrote that feature, Microsoft? Seriously.

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