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Banished to the Big Smoke ... Without my XBox 360!!

By Stormblade - Posted on 29 October 2007

Yes I am stuck in Toronto for the week. Really, what could be worse? Yes, I don't have my XBox.

So, what to do. Hmm, well I could watch the Leafs ... of course that's kind of like sticking a knife in my eye and twisting it around. Hey! that sounds like fun! Better than watching the Leafs.

I brought Thraxas with me, but I've already read it three times. Got a couple of movies ...

Sheesh, I'm bored already and I haven't even checked into the hotel!!

Ice's picture

I'm banished here all the time without an Xbox 360. Ironically I have ordered one from a company that is world renown for ordering over the internet, Yet its not even shipping for another week. Which would make it just shy of three weeks since i ordered it in the first place.

Dell sucks btw

Coxxorz's picture

Hey! Dell is now selling the new Messenger keypad thingy
(for Xbox Live chatting using text). You can also get it at Blockbuster for $29.99, but you have to put up with all that annoying instant gratification.

Ice's picture

I think I'll purchase one of those messanger things , just so I have it right away when i when i do get my Xbox 360.

I think they delay is do to the tropical storm off Florida.

Swag's picture

That's what it's for.

You don't need a hulking, flimsy, nuclear power station stucking Xbox 360 with a power brick so massive, it's about to implode into a neutron star.

Blackwalt's picture

They do make several carrying cases for the Xbox 360.

They hold the console, several controllers, the power supply, games, etc...

And are available at many retailers at reasonable prices.

Or you could just throw everything in a bag...

Stormblade's picture

In the hotel would help ...

MauriceRevek's picture

What hotel in Toronto does not offer wired or even wireless Internet connectivity? They should be placed on the HOC banned establishment page.

Stormblade's picture

And let me clarify, they do offer wired connectivity, but the price is $7.99/per night!

I might be able to push it through accounting, but I just can't bring myself to give that kind of money to these bloodsuckers!

Coxxorz's picture

There's got to be a couple unprotected wireless networks within range from any given place in downtown T.O.

MauriceRevek's picture

That is most definatly robery. From a Sheraton too? I guess they are scared of having the RIAA showing up at their door, and are charging people exobitant amounts to cover the ir legal fees.

Blackwalt's picture
MauriceRevek's picture

Go to best buy and get another X-box and screen, and return them at the end of the week, because they were a gift for someone who already had one.

Coxxorz's picture

Buy a USED console in the Smokey Apple, and simply sell it when you get back. Would not have depreciated much in a week...

Noir's picture

Why is it illegal to return a product that you are totally unsatisfied with?

Reason why you want to return your Xbox 360 (some will need the added excuse that a friend bought it for you):
-it overheats and my games keep freezing
-it's so noisy it drives my cat crazy
-I decided there is no point in having this if all the games are being released for PC, which is far better.
-Some friend bought it for me and gave me the receipt knowing full well that I hate microsoft products.
-it consumes too much energy and I belive in a green earth.
-Nintendo is far better
-the power transformer fell and broke my wives foot, she told me to get rid of it.
-It is an instrument of Satan.
-My son can use the power transformer as a flail and kill someone
-I don't have a HDTV, so all the games look subpar
-It drives me nuts to play Oblivion because it has to load every 5 seconds.
-I decided that I would rather get my money back and purchase a Wii along with many accessories
-There are no childrens games

I could go on, but I think that is enough examples to choose from.

While you are at it, go to London Drugs and pick up a 10 megapixel camera and return it before leaving.

Q-Bert's picture

-My son can use the power transformer as a flail and kill someone

I LOLed.

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