You are hereHoney, I sunk the stagecoach!

Honey, I sunk the stagecoach!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 22 May 2010

This could have happened to anyone

As mentioned by Coxxorz we had an issue driving a stagecoach across a railroad bridge.

Here are some additional details about the incident.

The Old West GPS told us to take the stagecoach along a railroad so we could cross over into Mexico. The two whiners riding comfortably in the back, Graybush and Coxxorz, complained that the ride was rough. So rough in fact that it was ruining their aim and they were having trouble shooting all the innocent civilians and their horses.

So I fought my way off the tracks onto a smoother ride along the side of the tracks.

This worked well, allowing for a much greater death toll among the civilian population (and their horsee), but turned into a problem when I noticed our approach to a giant gulch across the San Luis River.

There was only a narrow railway bridge across the gulch. If I didn't get back on the tracks we were plunging head first off of a cliff.

Well. I kind of made it back on the tracks. The team of horses made it – not so much the stagecoach.

It turned out the team of horses wasn't strong enough to pull the stagecoach diagonally across the railroad bridge half off, half on the bridge.

So I steered the team of horses enough to pull the stagecoach fully onto the bridge. Which sort of worked.

Unfortunately the horses were now pointed off the bridge and were very obedient to instructions. They plunged off the side of the bridge into the gulch pulling the just saved stagecoach off with them. I yelled a warning, "whoops!" allowing Graybush and Coxxorz to bail out of the stagecoach. I was already long gone as I didn't bother waiting for them.

The stagecoach separated from the team of horses and rolled down the valley until it ended up in the river.

"Hey look! I sunk the stagecoach!"

Sadly, not an achievement, but it should have been.

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But not a Coxxchievement.

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Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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