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New Xbox 360 form factor

By Blackwalt - Posted on 13 June 2010

I wonder if the Red Ring will be slimmer as well?

Koataku reports: New Xbox 360 Coming, Project Natal Renamed to Kinect And More.

    Not only have a number of our sources been telling us that a mini-Xbox 360 is coming, but now ads for the device appear to be popping up on some international sites.

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From the article:
"Kinect will launch with 15 games aimed at men, women and children, including games that allow people to pet and play with a baby tiger, race cars, exercise and sword fight." player at a time.

One can also assume that having your cat walk through the room could potentially cause your character to fall to his/her death, bringing that extra little bit of reality into the virtual world. Not to mention that any local, turn-based adversarial game will no doubt be hampered by constant interference due to your adjacent competitor's desire to sabotage your swing/shot/jump.

I'm not even going to comment on the obvious lag issues.

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might as well do it here.

How many times do I have to say it. Everyone copies Nintendo. Or at least tried to and fails.

Take a look at this article to see what I mean.

What will this "Kinect" bring to the games industry? Well judging from that article; a guy dancing like an idiot, a little girl petting a tiger for no real reason, a blantant rip off of Wii Sports (and other Wii games), and the ability to fast foward movies while waving your hands. Hooray....

In other news, Fallout New Vegas is coming out October 19th!

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That's why REAL gamers won't buy that addon. Or they'll buy it if they're part of the "me too" crowd, or Aunt Glenda gives it to them for Christmas, but it will just sit there gathering dust. But by then it will be too late: Microsoft will control a video camera in every home in North America!

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That you will not buy the new "Shiny Thing"?

It's new.

And it's shiny.

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You make an excellent point there...

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Not confirmed, but likely.

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in the place of one.

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Sorry, that just slipped out.

Still anxiously waiting for my Halo Edition.


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