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Hello? Hello?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 July 2010

So some Clan Members phone me often. Some… do not

So when a certain clan member's name showed up on my call waiting my first thought was, "why the hell is he calling me?"

This made the lack of response on the phone more confusing.

My repeated "Hello?"s were ignored as was my piercing whistle. I heard nothing but a distant murmured conversation about amphibians? Maybe?

So I hung up. Something I am used to doing to certain clan members but it felt wrong here.

I waited a few minutes to call back to confirm whether or not this was a mistake.

The clan member first thought when my name came up on his display?

"Why the hell is he calling me?"

I know the feeling.

He, apparently, didn't mean to call me and didn't even know my number was programmed in his phone.

"Your number isn't programmed in mine. I just used the call waiting list to dial back?"

We had a nice, oddly disjointed conversation, and then went back to our regularly scheduled lives.

Our friendship works better over Live (I kid). If only I could convince Stormblade of the same thing.

Ice's picture

Apparently I was in the other room when this happened.

Swag's picture

That's the point isn't it?

MauriceRevek's picture

Who it was by process of elimination.

Not me.

Coxxorz's picture

I was having a conversation about frogs earlier today. This little guy, in fact.

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