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Toronto Star: news from the future?

By Coxxorz - Posted on 19 July 2010

While researching the background behind today's press release from Canadian Tire scrapping the recently created Eco Fees, I came across an interesting article in the Toronto Star.

First, from today's release:
"The roll out of this program was poorly handled by all involved. For this reason, effective July 20, 2010, Canadian Tire has suspended charging any of the new eco fees that were rolled out on July 1, 2010 until a better system can be developed with Stewardship Ontario and the Government of Ontario."

That's great news to read on a Monday afternoon.

But from today's TorStar article:
"Information technology staff at Canadian Tire were working overnight and into Tuesday to eliminate the fees from computer systems at the company’s stores across the province."

They were? They did? Tonight? But it's only Monday!

I wonder if The Star notified the IT staff of this, and if they revealed what time the modifications would be complete.

But mostly I'm curious why their World Cup predictions were so inaccurate, assuming they possessed this ability a few weeks ago.

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they probably know that the Maple Leafs will never win the cup.

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