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Gaming sites receiving odd Call of Duty Black Ops propaganda

By Blackwalt - Posted on 03 August 2010

Hints at Zombie Mode

I wasn't really sure about buying Call of Duty Black Ops until I realized they were including a Zombie Mode. I felt that Modern Warfare 2 wasn't all that but Zombie Mode trumps all. Zombie Mode!

    Disclaimer: now I keep forgetting that some of our clan members are weak willed and anytime I mention a game they rush out to buy it. So, with that in mind, go buy this game! But don't hang around outside your game store of choice, you are allowed to wait until Call of Duty Black Ops is released – November 9th, 2010. Be sure to buy the most expensive version.

To continue on:

Call of Duty Black Ops blog and at least one other site received a Intel Package.

    The package, posted from Germany, contains 32 photocopied documents, secret intel, weird codes, maps and news clippings. All are from around the year 1944, a lot of them are marked/stamped ‘declassified’.

Suspicions are that these photocopies all relate to the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode. You can view scans of all the pages or download hires scans directly from Call of Duty Black Ops blog.

I only hope that Treyarch puts as much work into their game development as they do into their promotional material.

I'm still buying it. You should too. You know who I mean.

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why would Treyarch (or other companies) send these promotional packages to gaming sites? I mean, the average gamer wouldn't even know about this unless they went to the CoD: Black ops blog, or followed gaming sites very closely (which not everyone does).

So what's the purpose of even doing it? Are they hoping to inflate the reviews of the game with what is essentially a bribe? Who cares what cool stuff is sent to someone else.

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