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Batman is dead!

By Coxxorz - Posted on 03 September 2010

Here's proof:

Does anyone know if this fan-made trailer actually got made into a movie? Seems kinda long.

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and the bad acting didn't help him suck less.

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In my best Comic Book Guy voice: "Everyone knows that THE Dick Grayson becomes the costumed vigilante Nightwing after a falling out with Batman. Barbara Gordon is shot by the joker and paralyzed from the waist down, which is why she becomes the Bat's central computer and database advisor Oracle. Furthermore, when the Bat did die he didn't want anyone to know about his death for fear of causing massive upheaval in Gotham's crime rate, which is why he was buried as Bruce Wayne and no one outside of a select few (Dick, Clark, Diana) know he is actually dead. Dick has since put on the Batman costume and is continuing Bruce's fight. This plot is unlikely and unbelievable."


As an aside... did that Batman statue look like it was molded from mashed potatoes? Or is it just me?

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This is not a fan made clip, it is the promo from the actual movie [imdb link]. Looks kind of corny, but may still be worth watching. Read the trivia, Superman's red trunks are really a pair of womans bikini bottoms. Wonder if they told the actor when he put them on. "I have to wear what?!?!"

Can you say: "Movie for next lan party"?

Oh I know, even better. This can be the very first: "Double B Movie night at Revek's"

or "B & B Movie night at Revek's"

[Barbeque and B Grade Movie that is]

I expect Stormblade would be the only one to show up. We could event start a B-Movie review video segment for HoC.

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DC will license to *anybody*...

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Makes their shit golden by comparison.

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