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Halo Reach: the Midnight Opening

By Coxxorz - Posted on 13 September 2010

11:00 pm - I'm about number 45 in line, after budding in front Dark Nightowl. So far so good, looks like we'll be getting that energy sword. Look out tomorrow, Blackwalt!

11:01 - P.S.: How the hell do I get images uploaded with my iPhone?!!

11:21 - Nightowl is showing me photos from his vacation. Trying to act interested.

11:22 - Wait, I just remembered Nightowl visits this site– delete last post.

11:34 - I think he's reading HoC right now on his Blackberry. Looks steamed for some reason. Better go take pictures somewhere for a bit.

11:36 - Look at the losers lined up at Future Shop. Already not enough freebies to go around for them, and no HardW00D in sight!

11:38 - Not quite sure what the lineup behind the restaurant is for. Afraid to ask. Moving along...

11:40 - HUGE lineup at EB Games. Not sure why. THERE'S NO PREORDER SWAG THERE, MORONS! They look angry. Better stay back.

11:41 - Just remembered that I forgot to pick up Swag. Hope he didn't need that chocolate bar too badly.

11:55 - almost time... there's still less than 100 people here, looks like enough freebies for everyone who bothered to show up.

12:05 - they just let in about 30 people. So close!

12:10 - Now they're letting people without preorders go In ahead of us. I can't believe I paid extra to line up twice!

12:15 - finally inside! And... Another lineup. Sigh. People with preorders to the customer service desks, people without to the cashes.

12:16 - Just as well Swag isn't here. An impenetrable wall prevents wayward purchases.

12:18 - Holy shit, a girl! Almost dropped phone.

12:19 - Yes, that's a Master Chief hoodie.

12:23 - I'm up next! Looks like 3 t-shirt designs to choose from. No shortage of Legendary Edition. Wonder why.

12:24 - They're out of the skull ones! Dammit!!!

12:25 - Got game in hand, and there's an unexpected bonus- $5 Best Buy gift card! Aww, thanks cute cashier girl!

12:26 - Nightowl didn't get the gift card! He's finding out why.

12:27 - Lots of junk "impulse" purchases. Got it, got it, do not want. Holy crap, there's a 360 Halo Reach Edition?!!

12:27 - Turns out only standard edition gets $5 freebie. Sorry dude.

12:28 - Nightowl is pulling a fast one... trading in his shirt for the skull one at the non-preorder line! Bastard!

12:29 - Flirting with the cute cashier girl pays off - I score a waterless tattoo. Take that, Nightowl!

12:30 - Time to head home. A good night's work!

12:49 - Just got in. Pictures to follow!


My Haul:

What Blackwalt is getting tomorrow:

*Couch not included.

An important decision.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

This is sooo awesome!!!!!1

Akuf's picture

$5 Best Buy gift card! Aww, thanks cute cashier girl!

Child's Play!

If I was and if she was a cute as you claim, I would have walked out at least with her number, chances are she probably would have told me to stick around a leave with her.

But alas, while you were waiting in line with the rest of the **AHEM** loser guys in line. Guess what...*AHEM*..who... *AHEM* I was doing?

Personal Game Reviewer's picture

I will give you $5 for that HAT! Seriously, ping me.. .we'll talk... or, alternatively, stop by my closet.

Blackwalt's picture

I will give you $5 for that COUCH! Seriously, ping me.. .we'll talk... or, alternatively, stop by my office.

Personal Game Reviewer's picture

are you making fun of me....? Where's that umbrella?

Blackwalt's picture


Swag's picture

And what do you mean 'preorder swag'? Don't objectify me damn it!


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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