You are hereSwag Presents: Fall HoC Invasion LAN party at Hardwood's!*

Swag Presents: Fall HoC Invasion LAN party at Hardwood's!*

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 October 2010

2010-11-20 14:00
2010-11-21 02:00

Been itching to have a true HoC LAN party where we take 8 hours to set up/eat and only actually play for 2 hours? Want to know what it would be like to play games in Barrhaven at Hardwood's new place?

Then show up at Hardwood's on Saturday November the 13th around 2pm with all your gear! You all know the drill.

Games are NOT up for debate. CoD: Black ops (Zombie Mode?) is the contender.

*Brought to you by Farmboy (who will provide snacks such as Tortilla chips, -popcorn, pies, etc) and the Ottawa Citizen (which will provide...uh...that day's paper)!

Edit: Changed date to Saturday the 13th, as a Sunday would be best for Swag.

Stormblade's picture

I realize that it says Saturday everywhere on the site, but for some reason I had it stuck in my head that it was on Sunday. I think there was some talk at some point of moving it for Swag's benefit, but I am not even sure of that. I just know I had a total mental block on this. I feel like crap because I really wanted to come. I had everything packed and ready, even my pink controller!

Yeah, great job on my part.

Coxxorz's picture

We intentionally posted conflicting information to confuse Disaster, and it worked! We successfully held the LAN at Hardwood's, while Disaster guessed incorrectly and struck Blackwalt's house.

MauriceRevek's picture

I think I see what the problem was. Basic comprehension of the English language. Would you like me to give you some lessons?

HardW00D's picture

What: a lan party for COD
When: Saturday November 20th starting at 1PM onward
How: pack stuff, bring stuff, set up stuff, use stuff, pack stuff, take stuff home
why: 'cause coxxorz says so

Stormblade - hope you can wear the kilt... oh and bring a shovel...
Blackwalt - make sure you take your stay-up-past-11 pill
Coxxorz - just be you...
Graybush - mine is gray'er than yours ;)...BYOG (bring y'er own Grenades)
Revek - be the little man in the canoe
aku - bring the rain
qbert - bring chips, network cable, a hub, 8 monitors, 8 xboxes, 8 copies of COD, some dirty 'hos (8 would be good...prolly only need 7 though - Revek will already be the little man in the canoe), and just for men (graybush...)
swag - whatever
noir - huh?
personalgamereviewer - if you come, i want blackwalts copy of mass effect...or something cooler
snuffy D - come back!!!!!!

MauriceRevek's picture

And scroll up. Instructions are in the parent post. New they were somewhere on this site.

Stormblade's picture

But I thought it was tomorrow. Right up until, um, now. So I guess I won't be attending after all since I am not at all organized to be there today.

Yes, I am a complete moron and more than a little irritated at myself right now.

MauriceRevek's picture

You thought that there was an almost all night LAN party on a Sunday night with a non holiday Monday morning? Are you still unemployed?

Coxxorz's picture

What's so hard about packing up and coming now? Took me 15 minutes.

MauriceRevek's picture

He's coming from St bumfuckdanowhere or artfondle or some deep country town. He woul need a chopper
to pick home up.

Stormblade's picture

Actually, I had arrived in Ottawa so that I would be here and organized for the LAN party on Sunday. I had made other plans for Saturday night so that I could take advantage of being in Ottawa already. There wasn't any way to cancel the other plans, or I would have packed up and come.

And who the F**k schedules a LAN party on a Montreal-Toronto hockey night?? Some bloody Senators fan, most likely.

Coxxorz's picture

It might happen now!

Akuf's picture

Bring the Rain... Don't get it...
This is a big weekend for me, sorry can't make it.

Revek you can borrow the costume if you want.
But I want it back in the same condition! no stains from you or swag!

And I think you should be asking me for the dirty hos

Stormblade's picture

Having not been paying attention to this, trying to sort it out is interesting.

I'm guessing it's going to end with Hardwood having a LAN party at Swag's apartment in December, with Q-Bert and Graybush doing the setup, therefore nothing is going to work.

Coxxorz's picture

I don't know when or where it is, and I HAVE been paying attention.

Blackwalt's picture

...driving to Q-Bert's/

You mean it's not tonight?

HardW00D's picture

so the weekend of NOV 13,14 no longer works for my place as my sister and her hubby are now coming to stay with us and my wife and child are no longer leaving town because of mom had something to do with this behind the scenes...i'm sure of it... the "familia" ganged up on me and took over. The wife did agree to take herself and the child away the following weekend if you guys want to wait a week and do it the weekend of the 20th/21rst.

Not sure how something i planned months and months ago got f%cked up not once but twice... but what eva'.... please provide banter/imagery a la COXORZ at your earliest conveience...

Graybush's picture

what size panties do you wear? Otherwise I'm fine with the 20th...

MauriceRevek's picture

You not can haz lan party.

Graybush's picture


Swag's picture

for fear of being ostracized from my family (well Q-bert isn't actually related to me).

I would love to go, main problem would be getting the game though (cannot buy a Call of duty game after MW2)....and I probably work that saturday, although not too late. Oh and transportation to Farrhaven.

Otherwise there will be Farmboy snacks brought!

HardW00D's picture

no probs boyz.... the pad will be ready...

Graybush's picture

You mean ready as long as I show up early to help.... can you see the floor in the basement yet?

Coxxorz's picture

I haven't seen an address yet.


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