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So. He's a dog

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 October 2010

My Fable III adventures with Stormblade (the dog)

So those of you how read my earlier Fable III story may have realized that I renamed my dog. To a totally random unrelated to anything name.

Yesterday we stopped messing around and fully started our Hero's adventure. Stormblade (the dog) and Blackwalt entered into the kingdom of Albion.

Stormblade (the dog) originally started as a collie but I changed his breed to a setter as soon as possible. Not an irish setter, unfortunately, but close enough. I really think he should be a Saint Bernard but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

Now having a gamboling, bouncing and highly kinetic Stormblade (the dog) really wasn't that unusual. Watching him go wherever he wanted and ignoring me totally was also pretty much the norm.

Having him point out all sorts of useful dig sites? Not normal. Having him finish off foes that I knocked out? Not normal. Having him point out totally obvious and visible treasure chest while taking credit for it? Okay, that was so normal, I thought it was really him for a moment.

So Stormblade (the dog) proved useful in finding the following things at various dig sites:

  • 50 gold
  • Health Potion
  • Wedding Ring
  • 20 gold
  • Jewelry
  • Gem
  • 20 gold
  • Gem
  • Health potion
  • 30 gold
  • 30 gold
  • Silver bowl
  • Health potion
  • 30gold
  • 50 gold
  • 50 gold
  • 40 gold
  • 75 gold
  • 150 gold
  • Mercenary back tattoo (yes, I am wearing it)

I'm still thinking of having him neutered (the dog). And changed into a Saint Bernard as soon as I figure out how.

Guba is hoping for a pink poodle. She may yet win out.

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