You are hereI'm the (virtual) me again!

I'm the (virtual) me again!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 02 November 2010

Or maybe Microsoft is just torturing me

I could be back: It looks like I'm backI could be back: It looks like I'm back

So one of the suggested fixes (by Microsoft) is to go into the "new" online Avatar Editor and fix your Avatar there.

    While we try to sort out the server issues, you can always use the newly released web-based Avatar Editor which is part of; you'll find the link on your Profile page (My Xbox). That will enable you to edit your Avatar with everything you've been Awarded or have purchased.

Now I still feel that I shouldn't have to fix my Avatar at all, but fine, away I go.

And as you see above I can at least see my Zombie Lover T-Shirt and I can even put it on my Avatar. I was so happy.

For a very brief period of time.

I'm not back: Microsoft is just tormenting me in a new wayI'm not back: Microsoft is just tormenting me in a new way

I can fix my Avatar, I can edit my Avatar, but save my Avatar? That last one was just asking too much of the "new" Xbox Live Dashboard.

Well, it was nice to visit the old (virtual) me again even if it was only for a short time.

Maybe someday...

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