You are hereI'mmmmm back!!!!!

I'mmmmm back!!!!!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 03 November 2010

And I even have my Zombie Tee!

Look it's me: the virtual me!Look it's me: the virtual me!

After the last incident I figured I would have to enter into the Xbox Live Avatar on my Xbox and edit my Avatar from Scratch.

So I did

Launching the Avatar Editor got me to the following screen which I had seen many times before. This time however it went past 0% without an error.

In fact it finished and reached 100%. Still without an error.

It took me quite a while to rebuild my Avatar as I didn't have the various settings memorized, seeing as how Microsoft was supposed to take care of that.

And then it errored, fortunately after I had saved my Avatar.

Don't know what was wrong but as long as I have my Zombie Lover Tee I just don't care.

I'm back! Virtually.

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I downloaded the BRAND NEW Netflix app on day one, and it immediately forced me to update to a newer version. I'm guessing the developers are none too happy about working around MS bugs right out of the gate.

In other news, my Friendz app works again! At least until the next update to the dashboard update.

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