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HoC Night!

By Coxxorz - Posted on 17 November 2010

2010-11-17 21:00

So finally, we have a Flash rebuttal from Karloff and his evil spawn.

Well played, sirs.

Now let's see if your Call of Duty 7 skillz are up to par.

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You've got a ways to go, kid (and dad).

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Also, are you going to Hardwood's Lan Party?

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What can I do?

I want to come to Hardwood's LAN, but I have no way of getting there, nor do I have the game (might be able to rent it, but maybe not) and I might be working Sunday. All around fail as usual....

Maybe if you guys lived in Vanier like all the cool people* there would be less fail.

*Drug lords, prostitutes, etc

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Swing by and pick you up. I need someone to push the car. Save on gas you see.

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If I work Saturday and Sunday that is. I'll see for sure tomorrow.

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I live in Vanier!

Along with the drug lords, prostitutes, Swag. Oh, and zombies.

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Awesome! Now, let's try to get a quick headcount so we can estimate Hardwood's next hydro bill.

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Since the map directions were posted on the site, I expect that the entire city of Ottawa is going to show up. Oh wait, Stormblade will be there. I can hear the crickets now.

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that would require the entire city of O-town to be surfing the site... i think it's just us boyz ;) ....

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a head count would be good to know so i can set up more seating if need be... so if y'er coming plz let me know

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With the names of each of us so that we can click on it and say if we are attending.

Who am I kidding. Nobody gonna use it, we will just show up at random, and force Hardwood to sit on the floor while we use all the chairs. That's what hosts are supposed to do, right?

I can bring 5 folding chairs if required.

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HoC Lantastic Awesomeness: The cool kids sit here cause they showed upHoC Lantastic Awesomeness: The cool kids sit here cause they showed up

HoC Lantastic Awesomeness... not so much: the stragglers are relegated to fold out chairs...HoC Lantastic Awesomeness... not so much: the stragglers are relegated to fold out chairs...

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So can I come over and set up now, to reserve the best seat? Preferably one where I don't have to look at you guys.

Except Stormblade. I want to see his expression when I stab him in the back of the neck.


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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