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Revek's Deal? of the Day

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 28 November 2010

It seems Future Shop has an interesting one day only Trade-In deal tomorrow. Trade in 6 games for a $298 Dynex 32" HD-TV. Of course, the list of games are only those that have been released in the last 6 months, and only popular titles at that. So figure on average these games go for $60 each for a total of $360, not a bad deal for stuff that you have already played and are done with. I have 4 of the games listed as tradable, but am not ready to trade them in yet.

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1. It's only 32".

2. It's a Dynex.

But if someone had too many games but not enough TV's, yeah, I could see it being a good deal.

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If you really wanna go through with this, allow me to assist.

1. Go to Shoppers Drug Mart and purchase 6 qualifying games, 2 at a time.
2. This will earn you 18,500 bonus Optimum points for each $75 transaction (this week only), plus the regular points (approx. 58,500 total assuming $50 games)
3. Trade your games at Future Shop for the Dynex piece of... electronics.
4. Exchange the Dynex for store credit (approx. $365).
5. Put store credit towards a real TV.
6. Redeem Shoppers Optimum points this weekend during Bonus Redemption event for at least $125 worth of merch.

There, Coxxorzed.

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A true Jedi would first buy a $300 Shoppers gift card to purchase the games with, for an extra 3000 Optimum points. Make sure to buy a product at the same time, as they can be stupid about accepting Optimum cards when only buying Shoppers gift cards. But it does apply.

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Just for Revek.

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A sad, sick little man.

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Having bought "store brand" electronics in the past, I refuse to stand by while someone else makes the same mistake.

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