You are hereA cooperative game in the Resident Evil universe?

A cooperative game in the Resident Evil universe?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 30 March 2011

Yes please

The newest edition of Official Xbox Magazine is breaking the news on Resident Evil Operation Racoon City.

Of course, everyone is busy reporting what is in the magazine and no one is busy buying the magazine. Sigh...

I spotted it first at The Gamers Hub.

    The new game appears to be a significant departure for the franchise from its survival/horror roots. Instead, players adopt the roles of a team of Umbrella operatives seeking to cover up evidence of the virus outbreak in 1998. The game is said to be a squad based shooter online according to some sites.

It's being developed by SlantSix who made a bunch of the SOCOM games.

And yes I know it isn't the first Resident Evil to support coop play but it is the first to be developed as a coop game from the ground up.

I suspect a Resident Evil/Left 4 Dead mashup which could be good. Hopefully they will surprise us with something different and, dare I say it, original? Oh yeah, and fun.

P.S.- my copy of the Official Xbox Magazine magazine is in the mail. For real.

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All magazines do is kill trees AND they cost money.

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I now have a Kindle AND my book is available on Kindle.

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And the Kindle runs on Pixie Dust, recharged with moonbeams.

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