You are hereMilla's 32 today!

Milla's 32 today!

By Stormblade - Posted on 17 December 2007

You know, that's well within my age range. I'm sure she'd have me ... yeah.

Milla's IMDB Record

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You heathens

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The former model... ...currently tips the scale at 193 pounds.
Wednesday September 26, 2007Wednesday September 26, 2007

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Maybe she fits in a hockey net ...

Swag's picture

or better looking wives.

Q-Bert's picture

... look what your NEPHEW posted on the site...

Swag's picture

everyone knows that you are the ugly one in that relationship. That's why you wear a beard.

Ice's picture

There are 153 pictures in the IMDB of Mila. I'll admit I didn't look at all of them, but of the 50 I looked at I'd say she looked hot in about 5 and scary in about 15. The rest were just so-so.

I'm ok with this relationship too.

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Like I've seen the selection you bring home

Blackwalt's picture


And when I show her your musing on Ultraviolet I am sure she will.

So I am totally okay with this relationship.

But who am I supposed to be jealous of?

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I didn't say Milla was bad!!

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