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By Blackwalt - Posted on 09 May 2011

Just between you and I, we bought the small freezer deal

So I spent the last two days defrosting and cleaning our freezer in preparation for the arrival of our purchase of a freezer deal of meat. Fortunately we bought the smallest package offered.

Not shown, of course, is the additional amount of overflow that had to go into the freezer upstairs.

Nine boxes of frozen meat (two of dry goods).

Barbeque anyone? I still don't have ours setup for this year. Darn rain. Darn laziness.

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That's new to myself.

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But way too small.

We had to buy a second full-sized unit just to keep Halo Burgers™ in.

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You've been hanging with Revek too often. 'Just between you and me'.

Ugh, you sound like an American!

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With you and I?

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This is not a difficult grammar rule. If you would say 'What's wrong with me?' (and there is so much wrong with you I don't have time to get into that), then with two people you would say 'What's wrong with you and me?'

'What's wrong with I?' makes no sense so therefore 'What's wrong with you and I?' makes no sense either.

Unless you're American ... or you.

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And I know I can find the house where you are remodeling or attempting to remodel is and setup some bad accidents for you.

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But a failure to convert to Metric would cause you to wind up in Hudson's Bay.

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Are you telling me that you get lost using a GPS unit because of conversion problems? You know Left, Right, straight, those types of conversions.

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I was just jumping on the America-bashing bandwagon.

Too subtle?

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And when I did, it was for a part of the government we are not allowed to talk about, and no Stormblade I am not talking about the IRS.

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'When did the Martians convert to metric, dammit?!'

-- Heard in a Houston control room

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If it sounds right, and people use it, then it's good.

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Sounds perfectly fine to myself.

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"it's gud".

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