You are hereMicrosoft announces a new Xbox 360 steering wheel

Microsoft announces a new Xbox 360 steering wheel

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 June 2011

Officially named: Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

From Microsoft News: Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

    Launching in early October, the Wireless Speed Wheel is completely wireless and controlled intuitively with precise steering, standard controller buttons/triggers, and haptic feedback with rumble. The device is compatible with all racing games right out of the box*. The Wireless Speed Wheel will be available for $59.99 (U.S. ERP) and will ship to retailers worldwide beginning September 26, 2011. This device combines a fun and immersive driving experience with the biggest racing game of the year, the best rated “Forza Motorsport.”
    With trigger buttons for gas and brake, combined with a rumble feedback, the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel provides intuitive standard controller buttons that immerse the driver into the game, whether you like to white knuckle it down the race track with your hands at “10 and 2” or “9 and 3.”

I have no problem with buying one of these at $59.99 but I am still going to wait for reviews.

Via Kotaku.

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"It's so immersive... you can hold it 2 slightly different ways!"

Typical Microsoft marketing. All it needs now is Steering Pedals.

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