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This is Bullsh*************************t!!!

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 17 July 2011

Yes, I know there aren't that many i's in that world...but it's pretty much how I say it when I'm playing.


Here is finally a quick vid I threw together to show you guys the crap I get on my side. For whatever it's worth, my internet has been upgraded to EXTREME....whoa, I know. Regardless, it's giving me 2 mbps upload and 16 mbps dl....which is plenty for Black Ops. (those are my tested numbers, not Shaw's promised ones)

Since the upgrade, I've had less dropped games and generally better connections...but I'm still only seeing 3 bars of signal strength in Black Ops. I think there servers just hate me.

I hate them back.

here's the vid...

craptastic coding by Treyarch from Sean McLennan on Vimeo.

Coxxorz's picture

I've seen most of that happen to me, but not quite to that extreme. A lot of it is explainable (Ghost perk, etc.), but Superdog made me lol.

You say you're getting 16MBps, but what kind of ping? You might just need to tweak your router.

SeanmcR6's picture

Ghost? How does ghost explain any of that? There is a definite disconnect between what I see and what my opponents see. Like a half second separation almost. It's all down to the network optimization code. I'm not playing in real-time. Obviously. Even my own recording is disjointed with the game's at a minimum, I'm playing at a disadvantage.

Yeah, that dog just blew my mind away.

What get's me is it seems like it's only a few players that get the highest bandwidth. (like in that game...that kid was like 25-2) he wasn't losing ANY battles and only seemed to die by fluke.

When I'm obviously hosting the game (I have 4 bars, everyone else has 3) it's completely fair. I don't lose those one on one fights nearly as much. More 50/50....which is where it should be.

When I seem to have the drop on someone....and pump a full clip into them and they turn a kill me with 2 bullets....and the replay shows them shooting at the ground next to me...that's just jacked. Period.

I'm really, really hoping MW3 is better.

My ping varies...what "tweaks" would you suggest to improve my ping ??

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I have the same happen to me all the time. I have FIOS so maybe it is a timing glitch when one has a high speed connection. I have noticed when playing in private games that I do not encounter these issues or at least not so wide spread that I notice it

As for pinging a server, if someone knows the name of the COD servers that would help. Pinging Google or Yahoo, etc proves nothing as they have server farms all over the place.

It would also be interesting to get a dedicated server for ranked games.

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