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Could this be the one?

By Coxxorz - Posted on 06 January 2008

I know we're all looking forward to Burnout Paradise being the ultimate social racer for 360, but this looks promising. Fans of the MX series should feel right at home with MX vs. ATV Untamed, as it finally lands on our favourite next-gen console. Bike, quads, trucks, stunts, eight unique racing series - it's all here.

Everyone seems to like it well enough, and the video looks good, so let's hope the demo makes us want to run out and buy it. Five mini-games, supports 2-player local splitscreen, and up to 12 players online!

Downloading now...

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Maybe it's just me, although I was completely right about Halo3, despite the abuse I took, but this game doesn't have much to it. I guess it could just be the demo, but driving around at high speed and crashing into things gets old after a little while. Yes, it's very pretty and the crash scenes are awesome, but, yeah, I guess it needs multiplayer.

Although I am not sure what it will add to the experience.

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It will add my dust to your face.

You are correct, though, it is a simple game. But what simpler pleasure is there than hopping on your dirt bike and touring around the countryside, jumping over things? Or is that something you city slickers are not familiar with?

Some people will like the stunt aspect of Supercross with the crowds ooohs and aaahs (and ohhhs, if you horrifically disfigure yourself upon landing), and some will like the huge vistas where they can really open the throttle up. And if you don't like that, there's the wide variety of vehicles with independent physics, I might add. So a dune buggy won't just feel like a dirt bike with extra wheels.

I'm mostly looking forward to the stupid mini-games. Previous versions have had stuff like Ball Tag, and the ability to actually pilot a stunt plane and fly through rings. How cool is that? This is where the multiplayer will shine. MX vs. ATV doesn't take itself too seriously as a racer in that respect (just try to drive off the map to see what happens).

I rate it a Buy On Sale.

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Carmageddon was better because you ran over little old ladies and babies in strollers. This is just hitting other cars. Nowhere near as good.


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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