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Rogers admits to "Throttling" online games

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 12 September 2011

Seriously....go to hell Rogers.

Maybe some of my issues are because Shaw is doing the same thing?! They should have to TELL you when they are throttling your connection....

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"Traffic Shaping" is nothing new, the cable crowd saw Bell get away with it and simply copied the practice. They somehow convinced the CRTC that it was a necessary part of their network management, and spun it to sound like it "guarantees the quality of service" for all their users... all without having to spend a cent on upgrades to meet rising demand. If only the Corporate Run Telecommunications Castration had any balls, we would have full disclosure by the telcos of what is throttled and how much. Unfortunately, that would mean they'd also have to disclose exactly how much "congestion" they've been claiming to have, which is their main supporting argument for implementing UBB (now AVP).

But if you want to find out if saturation at your node is to blame, just try out Bell Fibe for 4 months for $30 ($10 when on sale). The 25Mb service qualifies for this promo.

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If they are going to throttle my connection for hitting more than 80 kbps, then how can they charge me for a 10 mbps pipe? It's false advertising, they are unilaterally altering my contract and the practice is illegal. If I am forced to run at 80 kbps then I should be paying dial-up rates, not $50 or more per month. Forget the Data Cap issue, this one what the Internet companies should be hung out to dry for.

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I will never (directly) give another cent to Rogers.

Thankfully, in our area there are alternatives. For example there is Teksavvy, who provide internet via both cable and DSL, thus far without throttling (and much more realistic caps). Ironically, they still manage to be cheaper than Bell or Rogers.

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And ironically they get cable internet from Rogers themselves!

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They just use Rogers equipment to get to your house. The actual internet comes from Teksavvy in Toronto.

But yes, they rule! So if anyone signs up with them, please drop me a line so I can give you my email there for a *cough* referral *cough*.

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There is nothing inadvertant about it. They have been doing this for years. It is a well known issue.

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