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HoC experiences Dead Island: coconut hunting

By Blackwalt - Posted on 25 September 2011

Well I can't speak for Coxxorz but I may not have had pants on...

    He put de lime in de coconut, He drank 'em bot' up
    He put de lime in de coconut, He drank 'em bot' up.
    He put de lime in de coconut, He drank 'em bot' up
    He put de lime in de coconut, He kill de Zombie, mess 'im up,

In an open world full of quests and Zombies we went coconut hunting.

What can I say, Coxxorz wanted a Piña Colada.

Yes that is Coxxorz/Pwn Call half way up a coconut tree. He made it three quarters of the way before he fell off. I would mock him but as you can tell from the palm leaf blocking the photo, I am half way up a palm tree of my own.

Please note that there were no zombies anywhere near us and we were traveling away from the quest navigation on our mini map. I mean, you can. So why not?

That's the thing about Dead Island, even in co-op multi-player (I know! Finally!) you can do whatever you want.

Question: "I wonder if you can climb this coconut trees?"

Answer (from half way up another tree): "Umm, let's try it and find out?"

This was followed by: "I wonder if you can jump down (off) this cliff instead of taking the stairs?"

Well, turns out you can. But it really hurt. If I hadn't bounced off the rocks on the way down I wouldn't have made it.

Open world. Zombies. Random experimentation. Getting toward the perfect game...

Coxxorz never did get his Piña Colada but there's always next time.

Coxxorz's picture

WAY too easy to get distracted. Not just the usual stuff (side missions within side missions, drivable vehicles, girls in bikinis (usually undead)), but little stuff like beach balls you can kick around, breakable pottery and - like above - climbable trees.

The physics are good, but not as tight as say in Crackdown, where kicking/throwing objects had a good, solid feel to them. Things in Dead Island tend to feel a bit floaty. But that's just me. The driving was fine, if not uncomplicated, and hitting zombies makes a good, satisfying CRUNCH.

There's a lot of depth to the menus, but navigation is pretty easy, making things like weapon loadouts, skills and mission progress quick to access quite early on. Yes, there is skill progression! And yet it's an action game. Weird, I know. But it really does work, in a Borderlands-meets-FarCry sort of way.


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