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BF3 is going to SUCK

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 07 October 2011

"I can't make any broad statements about the technical sturdiness of Battlefield 3, other than to express the doubts raised by my experiences at yesterday's demo. I sat down and spent an entire day playing a game that consistently froze and crashed, booting me to the desktop, where I had to reconnect using its odd browser interface. Several times I would start a match, get an enemy in my sights and kill him… only to have his body do a lag-freeze and refuse to go down before being dropped back to the desktop. It was beyond aggravating, and it wasted a huge amount of time." Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku.

Granted, he's referring to the PC version. However, in my experience with the "beta" on's very buggy. I also don't agree it's actually a beta's a freakn demo of the final game. The game has already been printed and boxed are shipping out next how can you call this code Beta? They're calling it a beta cause they know there are issues. If they called it a demo and people had these issues, they wouldn't buy the game. Call it a BETA and everyone I've read really buggy, but that's ok, it's only a beta...the shipped game will be fixed/better. um, fat chance.

I have worked in software and I can tell you this....there are some SERIOUS issues with their code...and they don't know where they are. Hence the open release of their "beta".

I'm willing to bet that BF3 becomes legendary not for it's visuals or gameplay, but for it's bugginess and 200 updates you'll undoubtedly have to do over the next 6 months.

All because some marketing head insisted their game had to ship a month before MW3, to avoid going head to head. Which is a huge mistake. I firmly believe they just axed off a month of QA time instead of scaling back any dev time...and it's going to be a gong show people. A real gong show.

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Although I have yet to see a game update on launch day that fixed "suck", no matter how many gigabytes.

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well I mean if you really like the BF gameplay, you won't think it "sucks", but you will be frustrated with all the bugs.

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