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My review of RAGE

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 08 October 2011

Ok, so I just completed the single player campaign (on hard) of RAGE for the 360. Since there are varying reviews on the game, I thought I would post my review in case any of you are debating picking this game up.

***possible spoiler alert..if you're really anal, but I'm not giving anything big away***

First off, this is a game with no personality of it's own. It's a direct ripoff of Borderlands. I don't know how ANYONE with eyeballs can suggest it isn't. Roaming the desert, picking up odd jobs from the job board in each town and upgrading your guns and vehicles. Now having said that, it is NOWHERE as good as borderlands. You can upgrade only certain guns and the upgrades are minor. Frankly, I don't know why they even bothered to put them in there. The car has a bit more, but you're not really modding the car so much as you're upgrading certain parts from REGULAR to SUPER. Once. Then they're maxed out. Did I mention you race your cars to earn upgrade tickets. A la borderlands...

Remember Moxie? Well, RAGE has Bash TV run by RJ Stiles (?) which is the same thing. Waves of baddies.

Now that stuff was fairly fun in Borderlands, not as much in RAGE. Playing through bash tv isn't to make money or points, but it's part of the campaign. As such, I felt no need or desire to go back and "improve" my score.

The races were ok. They were needed to get upgrades for my car so I could get through the baddie cars in the wasteland. Again, once I had my 3 or 4 upgrades. I pretty much stopped the car races. If you want the achievement for doing them all or you REALLY like the car races, you might do more...but they are too easy. So it's not even really fun. (remember, I played on hard)

The graphics? Suck. Like the cast of Jersey Shore...they're good from far but far from good.

Up close, most of the graphics are pixelated or just not rendered. This game comes on 3 discs too! I found it very similar to borderlands quality for graphics, but they seemed to load faster in borderlands. (yes, I installed all three discs onto my HD)

Gameplay....was good. Nothing mind blowing, but good. I'm glad I didn't play on normal because I would have been bored instantly.It feels a little horde-ish. getting into certain areas and then the baddies will come in waves. You find cover or a decent spot to pick them off and you wait until you've killed them all and then advance. The exception is the mutants. These pricks come out of everywhere and they jump around. A lot. So I think I used the shotgun for 80% of the game. Just waited until they were close and BOOM.

Bosses. K, this is the really messed up part. There are bosses or super baddies throughout the game, but the mostly appear at bizzar times. At first I thought this was nice. As an experienced gamer, I was truly caught off guard by some of them and that adds to the experience. Then again, some of the missions/challenges were so ridiculous easy, I couldn't beleive there weren't any bosses. Which brings me to my biggest gripe.

The ending was completely anticlimatic. I mean it was the Sopranos of endings. Right before the final know the usual get into the enemy stronghold and upload the virus or insert the magic key kind of mission. You expect a boss. The mother of all bosses. Nope. Plus...they give you a MASSIVE BFG right before the mission and there is tons of ammo for in the stronghold. There are a couple waves of SLIGHTLY stronger mutants...and the usual insert somethign here, then run over then, move up and repeat kind of procedure. At every step there is a wave of these super mutants. 4 or 5 steps into the procedure, you do the final "thing" and I'm waiting for armagedon. Nope.

bing, bing, bing. 3 acheivements..and the credits. Are you f*cking kidding me?!!

That's it.

So overall I'd say it was a decent game but it lets you down in some places. However, where borderlands makes up for its shortcomings with fabulous gameplay and customization, RAGE has none of that. I feel it's got no re-playability.

I completed the game in 13 hours playing on Hard. Spend $8 to rent it for the weekend and you're good. I would NOT recommend dropping $70 on it.

MauriceRevek's picture

I am dreading the day of micro payments in game as you have in some of those online games. You know they are not far off.

MauriceRevek's picture

I went back to two worlds this weekend, and discovered in the marketplace section that you can purchase unlocks for all of the abilities for charges varying from 80 - 160 points. About a dozen different ones. Of course, you can play the game and discover them throughout the world,or you can save yourself the ages action and gain access to everything right at the beginning. Probably adding an additional 10 - 15$ to the cost of the game
. Isn't rampant capitalism great?

Coxxorz's picture

This is all leading up to the inevitable "To fight this boss, press A. To skip him, insert 80 MS points."

Coxxorz's picture

But then I read that id is purposely locking out access to certain areas of the game, unless you have a code that comes with a new copy.

I cannot support that kind of behaviour.

SeanmcR6's picture

I got those codes.

I did not preorder...I did not ask for a special edition. I got the "anarchy edition" which I think is really the only edition. In it was the coupon with codes for new armor (in looks only, it's not any stronger than the ordiginal) & sawed-off shotgun.

On the backside there is a coupon for another area of the game....but I didn't plug in the code until I was almost done the game so I never went back and checked it out.

Coxxorz's picture

They're claiming it doesn't affect the campaign at all. So then why bother with disabling it in the first place?

Swag's picture

That fills me with Rage too.

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