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By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 15 October 2011

The internet SUCKS in Alberta. Don't move here. Ever.

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Explain this to me. My father can drop a birthday card in the mail...with a 52 cent stamp. I receive it 4 business days later.

Best Buy ship me a copy of Dead Island on Oct 12th (last Wednesday) Purolator....and I'm "scheduled" to receive it on Thursday, Oct 19th...4 business days.


Today I get an update that the delivery date will be Oct 20th...because the handoff between the Toronto sorting office and the Edmonton bureau...missed the cutoff time???!! So Purolator (who guarantees the delivery) is saying the delivery is no longer guaranteed due to the missed cutoff...which is 100% their fault and while they have the package.

For real?!

Seriously...I need a gun

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If you're not there when they try to deliver, they might, or might not, leave you a note saying you have to pick it up within a week or they'll send it back. They will never try to deliver it again and will never try to notify you again. When I pointed out to them at the depot that even Canada Post wasn't this pathetic, they simply shrugged.

F**k Purolator!

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They guarantee delivery unless there's a problem with delivery.

Who do you even talk to in a case like this?

HardW00D's picture

...he likes to talk....AND TALK.....AND TALK.... AND TALK SOMEMORE...

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I'm just gonna wait a couple weeks before I comment on your comment here though... Meanwhile, do you have a newspaper from October 17th I could read? You know... just to stay current.

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Time to update someone's site avatar again.

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