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MW3 Elite - Compete mode

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 21 October 2011

Right, here is another reason to play MW3 over that buggy and glitchy POS that is BF3.

If you join Elite, they have a mode that's called Compete, where challenges and stats are awarded with medals/badges. I like how Gears3 does this too, where you can display your most "impressive" badge next to your name in multiplayer matches. However, MW3 goes WAY beyond just this.

1. there are REAL t-shirts, hats, phone cases and even cars!
2. they can be game mode specific, they can be done/achieved as a clan or individually.
3. they are not only SKILL based. Some are entertainment even if you suck like hardwood, you can earn these medals.

After watching this video, I am impressed (even more than before) at how they are really pushing the player experience further than the normal gameplay. This elite portal is almost like a social media connection for gamers. I think MS should take note and built such a portal for XBL. I think it really enriches the gamers experience and their connection to this game franchise.

Meanwhile, BF3 is changing code to stop their servers from crashing when the game finally ships.....

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Midnight Opening info has been officially posted for Future Shop. Looks like all stores except 3 will be opening at 11:59pm on November 7.

This and more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare goodies on the MW3 Pre-Order Mania Page.

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