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Sometimes I hate being right

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 26 October 2011

So, as I'm sure many of you are aware by this point, the launch of BF3 is a f*cking gongshow. As I predicted.

Not only are the 360 servers are the PC are their online authentication servers.

Seriously, EA? Seriously?!!

After inputting my code to DL the Online pass...I could not get into any MP games. Coxxorz warned me that the servers for 360 were down...but that was like 4 hours ago. Surely they've got peeps working to fix that, like NOW.


oh well, guess I'll setup my online account. Which coincidently, in case you didn't know, is changing from EA to their Origin platform. It's like they're trying to do it like Apple, only nowhere near as well.

Unfortunately for me, I can't log in. My password is incorrect. Um, no it isn't. I log into EA and it has no problem. WTF? So I do a bunch of different things. nope. Hmm...ok, fuck it, I'll just create a new account.

Type everything in, nope. Can't use my screen name cause I'm already using it. Sigh. Ok, change that to something completely stupid. (BTW...someone already has the account "eayoureallysuck") when I enter my password, it says it's too short. They need 8 characters. AH EA password is only 7.

Wow, this is not frustrating at all.

Log back into ea, change my password to 8 characters.

Log back into Origin, no problem now. great. unfortunately, my XBL account isn't linked to this account.


Sigh, I have to sign in with the same email as my XBL account. which also has a 7 character password.

Do all those steps again and log back into Origin. Authentication server is offline. Please use Origin in offline mode.

Are you @#$%!@#% kidding me??!

Try to log back into, no luck there either.


I have just wasted over an hour dicking around with this ridiculous, cluster phoque of a game.

I honestly cannot remember ANY game release that has sucked as hard as this. None.

Hurry da F up coxxorz and get online so we can see if co-op mode works.

But I doubt it.

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