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AAHHHH, that makes me feel better

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 27 October 2011

Just in time to make me feel better about the gongshow of BF3...

Thank you MW....thank you!

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Looks like MW2 all over again. Spawn=die.

I REALLY hope I am not as disappointed as I was with MW2. Second worst video game purchase I ever made.

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next to BF3 right ;)

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Try some BF3 online multiplayer then. I think Tycho at Penny Arcade summed it up best:

"People are still, in 2011, driving a troop transport out of the base without actually transporting any troops. You’re spawning in and being killed in less than a second, and there’s the sometimes vague, not entirely satisfying gunplay. I imagine that the on the ground experience of warfare is vague and not entirely satisfying, so maybe this is a nod toward authenticity."

So unless they've brought a spawn-on-squad system into the Call of Duty franchise, all my hopes are on MW3.

Actually, I hope it sucks too, so I can finish Dead Island, and focus on Saints Row 3.

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It will be refreshing to play an FPS where I can tell if I'm actually hitting my target. Even if it's sometimes lying.

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Back on topic.

I am just surprised that Infinity Ward has anyone left to make a game!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the bouncing betties :)

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