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IMPROVE...for players who suck

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 28 October 2011

Here is the last video in the series about ELITE for MW3....the IMPROVE section.

For Graybush.


Stormblade's picture

The more I read about this game, the more I get a sinking feeling it is going to suck. Another $100 down the drain ...

Coxxorz's picture

They're just adding as much useless crap as possible to justify charging an extra $50 without giving an unfair advantage. Have you ever looked at all the stats pages in Black Ops? Didn't think so.

Besides, I think this will follow the even/odd rule of Call of Duty versions.

Or did you actually already preorder the Elite edition?

Swag's picture

It's the same old crap Stormy!

Graybush's picture

It's a COD game of course. Crap? it might be. Or it may be another Call of Duty game we'll end up playing for the next year.

HardW00D's picture "when oh when will Hardwood be back so we can finally move past all this BUT LOVING ZOMBIE GAYNESS !" I mean REALLY? i am gone for months - left and it was all "ZOMBIE this" and "ZOMBIE that"... i poke my head up out of the barracks of life only to see that - yup - it's still all ZOMBIE this and ZOMBIE that... MOVE.ON.

Storm - MW3 will be ok, but it will not live up to your expectations - so go in with low expectations and then perhaps you will be pleasently surprised instead of let down all over again...I will purchase the bare bones minimum game to minimize the let down$$$

Blackwalt - you have a job yet!? You need something to remove your ZOMBIE pre-occupation!

Coxxorz - I await the retort telling me to get back in my barracks, and/or that sticking my head up should result in a headshot of some kind.... hardwood is not gay, coxxorz is gay! (shot back from the drive by in the summer...)

Graybush - Crap? Y'er Crap!

SeanMCR - Budeh - wtf r u doing here!?!?! You don't have time to be on this site - you need to be working on your resume for jobs in Ottawa!!!!

My work here is done.


When is the next lan party so that i can play video games again?

Coxxorz's picture

I'd never say "Hardwood is gay" in front of your wife!

I'm not going to bother with a retort, as you won't read it til next year anyway.

HardW00D's picture

read it within 1 day. "gay" "sucks" - what ev'... i needed something ;)

Stormblade's picture

AND he's gay? That's just wrong.

HardW00D's picture

You're wrong.

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