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By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 08 November 2011

K, so most of you are probably being let into BestBuy or Futureshop right now....and I have to wait another 2 hours :( Frankly, these midnight launches need to accept the fact of TIME ZONES and let us have the game at the same time :\

yes, I'm pouting

I am about to leave to go to EB games and the dude on the radio says there is already more than 100 people there :o Which means once midnight comes, It'll take me another HOUR to actually get in the store.

for a video game...

I need to grow up

HardW00D's picture

...You just need to stop bitch'n.

Akuf's picture

But I think everyone on here needs to grow up

including me (though with me it's for different reasons, chasing girls, naked hottub parties you know frat boy crap) but hey I am having a heck of a lot fun doing it, though I would NEVER go to a midnight launch.

This is the only time I quasi went to one

ah I miss chinup girl.

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Video games are for kids.

Akuf's picture

Video games are a source of entertainment. And in IMHO one of the better ones out there. More than watching TV, movies.

Personally I would rather be socializing or doing something active or crafting something. Video games is a good 4th place when I just want to vedge out and do nothing productive.

Coxxorz's picture

Bleah, I do productive all day. After 10pm, give me option 4.

That's an interesting point about socializing. Aside from the interactive nature of gaming, I must like the social aspect too since I don't usually play if nobody I know is online (levelling/catching up in quests notwithstanding).

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Just kidding... it's AWESOME!!!!!!!

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You can still get an exclusive Steelbook! In a surprise move, Future Shop has just added the option to "pre-order" MW3 between now and Nov. 10, and a Steelbook case will be added to your order at no additional cost. Does not work with the Hardened edition, as it's only available in-store at this point.

Kind of annoying actually, since I had to line up at midnight with a bunch of weirdos for my Steelbook because Future Shop said that's the only way to get one.

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